PMI North Carolina Chapter

President Message

President's message - January 2023







A very Happy New Year to all NCPMI Members, Sponsors, and Guests in this first month of 2023!

To start a successful and healthy year, we must assess our past year to ideate a better present and future with decisive choices.

With so many unprecedented situations around the globe, be it the War, the pandemic, natural disasters, cybersecurity threats, increasing global supply shortages and social gaps between work and life, we have all bore the brunt of the impact and may feel lost and destabilized.

However, we have overcome the challenges with solidarity and resilience as individuals and as a society. We shall keep on practicing the same with determination and integrity. We must accept our lives as it presents and enhance our ability to respond best. The key to doing our best is the ability to adapt and apply. 

Taking these life principles as a guideline, We at NCPMI are ready to assess the world, adapt and choose actions that accelerate growth. We have our strategy meeting on Jan-14-2023 to pave the road ahead. If you have any suggestions for expanding the PM community, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The digital workplace has seen a considerable transformation. The hybrid working model has become the new norm, not the blip we once anticipated. Cutting-edge technologies have improved workstyles and service quality. Similarly, NCPMI will support these changes and introduce new digital mechanisms to foster in-house hybrid meeting capabilities and deliver in-person and virtual events, thus encapsulating the needs of all our members (geographically near and far) and presenting opportunities for Networking and Professional Growth.

We understand how human capital allows us to transform and create value. Staying true to this realization, we will keep co-creating with our members and stakeholders. We look forward to accelerating our organization's core processes to deliver the maximum value to our members and society.

Our Community involvement for Social Good has been a great success in 2022. This year we shall renew our pledge to support PMI Hours for Impact ( and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals ( Please look forward to opportunities to give back to society. Join us this year for a social initiative or create an opportunity as a volunteer.

I look into the coming days with great optimism – because I look at the people around me, the NCPMI Board and Volunteers, and the hills we have climbed together. I know there is no mountain too high for those climbing it.

As members, sponsors and guests, you are our Strength, and I thank you for your faith in NCPMI. The NCPMI Board wishes you health, happiness, confidence, and resilience in this New Year!


Manosh Majumdar

President, NCPMI