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“We are going Agile.” This seems to be one of most heard and used phrases over the past couple of years. However, the move to Agile seems to be more of a fad without fully understanding the benefits of doing so.  In addition, do we understand the full impact of moving to Agile project delivery?

Well, surely you plan how to align your teams, but have you stopped to consider the effect of “change” on your colleagues?  While change is not an issue for some people, it is a huge and emotional deal for others!  We must look at team and organizational impacts that change may bring because you must consider the impact of change on multiple individuals.

This session will look at the personal and organizational aspects of moving to an agile framework. The intention is not to be able to solve all the challenges that change may bring, but rather bring awareness to parts that we may have never considered.

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Managing a combination of traditional and agile projects is generally a requirement for the modern PMO. In this hybrid model, the organization faces many challenges to ensure that the appropriate level of visibility, control, and accountability are maintained consistently across the portfolio.

Traditional projects generally have well defined processes for managing scope, budget and schedule, including metrics to track progress and identify risks throughout the project life cycle. Introducing Agile projects disrupts the core ecosystem of the traditional project portfolio because many times these projects do not have a fixed scope or a well-defined baseline in terms of budget and schedule.

Despite the very different project delivery approaches, the successful hybrid PMO will implement processes and practices that provide consistent planning, reporting, and accountability across the project portfolio.

Learning Objectives

Join us to better understand the challenges and success factors associated with implementing a hybrid PMO:

  • Adjusting the project intake process to align the “best fit” delivery approach and resources with each project;

  • Implementing a planning process that promotes alignment with business strategies and defines project outcomes and measures for each project;

  • Establishing a consistent project reporting framework to provide adequate visibility for each project; and

  • Implementing project execution processes and practices that ensure the appropriate level of accountability is maintained throughout the project life cycle.

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Have you ever wondered why navigating difficult situations with managing projects seems to be a breeze for some people? It could be related to highly developed emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence - also referred to as emotional quotient or EQ - is the awareness of one's own emotions and the emotions of others, and the capability to manage those emotions to achieve desirable outcomes. Join us for a fun and engaging workshop as we dive into the four components of emotional intelligence and practice some techniques anyone can use to develop their own EQ.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the components of EQ
  • Self-assessment of EQ level
  • Learning activities for improving EQ
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The ability to gain insights that enable strategic decision making are strengths of a tool enabled portfolio. Whether your portfolio budget is $500K or $500M, you need fundamental capabilities that help manage day-to-day PMO operations and long-term planning and development. Insights into risks, dependencies, capacity planning, demand forecasting and other project management capabilities are supported through tooling and data practices. This in turn helps drives the decision on which methodology is best suited to executing the project. The presentation will focus on how tooling has enabled the ability to manage large, complex portfolios of work; supporting individual contributors to senior leadership.


Learning Objectives

a) How the use of tooling capabilities help drive a PMO’s operations and long term planning capabilities

b)   Illustrate how the use of tooling up front influences the appropriate methodology needed to execute your project

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PMO CoP Feb 2020 : The Mergers & Acquisitions PMO

The Mergers & Acquisitions PMO

The world of mergers & acquisitions is exciting and dynamic, requiring strong project leadership for success.  The lifecycle of a transaction broadly includes identifying the target, signing a term sheet, performing due diligence and, finally, integrating the target company. This interactive session will explore the Integration Management Office (IMO), a close cousin to the PMO, which drives that final step of knitting two organizations together. We will compare and contrast the two offices including missions, terminologies, responsibilities, and technologies.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand why the IMO exists
  • Learn M&A terminology
  • Explore similarities & differences between PMO & IMO
  • Review how to apply PMO skills in M&A integrations
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