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For project managers, age or generational diversity may amplify communication challenges, increase barriers on the path to consensus, and require nuanced approaches to effectively engaging employees. For example, you may have found yourself thinking "how can I improve my impact on team members and achieve the desired outcomes in the face of differing values, experience sets, and communication styles?" While it may seem like an insurmountable goal to cultivate an efficient and effective environment for employees across generations, practicing the right form of mindfulness can provide unprecedented clarity into the obstacles and solutions.

Please note: Although this session builds on the information in the May 10th workshop, it is not necessary to have attended that event to learn about mindful influence and walk away with practical understanding and actions

Event Date 03-14-2019 5:30 pm
Event End Date 03-14-2019 7:00 pm
Registration Start Date 01-25-2019
Registered 45
Available place 5
Cut off date 03-13-2019 6:00 pm
Individual Price Free for all NCPMI members and non-members

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Leadership CoP: Leadership from the top down


Many organizations have developed a functional blindness to their defects.  They are not suffering because they cannot resolve their problems, but because they cannot see their problem.

In this session attendees will

  • Learn what organizations can do to effectively correct or navigate functional blindness
  • Learn how to apply the principles of people, plant, and profit to support a corporate culture of mutual accountability, respect and responsibility
Event Date 05-09-2019 5:30 pm
Event End Date 05-09-2019 7:00 pm
Registration Start Date 04-09-2019
Registered 21
Cut off date 05-08-2019 7:00 pm
Individual Price Free

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Leadership CoP: Rise Above the Noise: "I vote you as my Transformational Leader"

With today’s fast pace working environments and requirements to do more, faster, with less time and less resources coupled without authority of a title we have some major challenges to overcome. Josh has experienced and helps others develop the real practical skills to overcome those challenges to work in their benefit using Dale Carnegie Training methodologies.

Event Date 09-12-2019 5:30 pm
Event End Date 09-12-2019 7:00 pm
Registration Start Date 08-07-2019
Registered 42
Cut off date 09-12-2019
Individual Price Free

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Leadership CoP: Leading from Your Strengths - making your communication hit the mark!


Project managers spend 90% of their time communicating1. And, as Project Management 2.0 takes hold, we will be less project managers and more project leaders.2 How do we make that transition? What if leadership does not feel like a top strength for us? What if our communication is missing the mark in terms of tone, content, level of detail, and possibly timing? Research by ALLE LLC shows that project managers are lower on average in the strengths of Social Intelligence and Perspective. Leadership is a strength that tends to rank somewhere in the middle. But being lower in a strength does not mean we cannot engage it. And we have a toolbox of other strengths to leverage instead.

In this session attendees will learn about the statistics on project manager strengths – and weaknesses – the science of character strengths and how it boosts social intelligence, and leadership, and practical ways to engage your strengths within teams and with stakeholders to improve communication and be an effective leader

Event Date 11-14-2019 5:30 pm
Event End Date 11-14-2019 7:00 pm
Registration Start Date 07-11-2019
Registered 63
Cut off date 11-13-2019 10:00 pm
Individual Price Free
No. of Leadership PDUs 1

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