Because of additional strains put on individuals and families due to the COVID19 pandemic, the Mentorship Program is having a difficult time finding mentors to participate in this program.  Thus, new programs will be delayed until late spring 2021.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please visit the volunteers page and apply there.  There are multiple people who requested mentors prior to the applications being put on temporary hold.


What is a mentor?

Professionals who are experienced and passionate about sharing their knowledge and resources. A trusted advisor

Benefits of a mentor

  • Share your professional experiences and insights
  • Expand your own professional network
  • Receive recognition and appreciation from your mentee
  • Refine interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Discover fresh perspectives from your mentee
  • Shape and influence future talent
  • Solidify your own understanding of your industry by teaching your mentee; as the old saying goes, “You don’t really understand a subject until you try to teach it”
  • While participating in this program, you will be enrolled as an NCPMI volunteer entitled to all the standard volunteer benefits

How do I become a mentor?

  • Skill sets for a mentor – Industry knowledge, Project Management , Career Development
  • Accomplished Project Managers with a proven record of successful high risk projects
  • For additional information please contact the Lead Mentor Coordinator
  • {show accesslevels="~Zguests"}Click here to complete your Mentor Application.Please login to access the mentor application form. (Note: You need to be an NCPMI member to participate and if you aren’t, please visit NCPMI's Membership page here for information on how to become an NCPMI member. Once you are logged in, the link to the application form appears here.){/show}

What is a mentee?

Mentees are looking for guidance as they navigate their career, consider a career change, or explore options.

Mentees are passionate about growing professionally, learning new skills, navigating their career path, and expanding their professional networks to give them a competitive advantage in the workplace.

Benefits of a mentee

  • Gain invaluable insights from a seasoned industry professional
  • Accelerate your professional development and growth
  • Expand your personal and professional network
  • Cultivate interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills
  • Receive assistance as you transition into the workforce or a new career path
  • Discover different perspectives of doing, thinking and being from your mentor
  • Receive constructive feedback about personal and/or professional development issues you are facing
  • Gain to resources and tools to solve workplace issues/conflicts
  • Achieve critical goals that you set

How do I become a mentee?

  • Shows the zeal to learn with defined career goal
  • For additional information please contact the Lead Mentee Coordinator

Expectations and Best Practices of a mentor /mentee

  • Set expectations and articulate clear SMART goals upfront when mentors, mentees matched
  • Mutually beneficial when a rapport is built
  • Commit to confidentiality and honesty
  • Mentees drive the relationship by reaching out to the mentor, scheduling mentor sessions
  • Mentors are motivators, guides and advisors to the mentees

Mentoring program schedule

  • Next program is planned for Late Spring 2021. 
  • Program duration will vary depending on the needs of the mentee.  Formal program involvement can be anywhere from 3 – 12 months.
  • Meetings usually occur face to face, or telephone or Skype conference calls as agreed upon
  • The meetings shall be held typically for 2 to 4 hrs per month as mutually agreed by both parties.

Questions or Additional Information

For additional information, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.