Operation: Qualify For Hire Program

Operation: Qualify For Hire Program

“No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks" - James Allen


PMI and many of its United States-based chapters are getting involved in presenting service members and veterans with the many opportunities that project management has to offer.  Engaging military personnel in project management is mutually beneficial to the service member and his or her employer.  Project management is an excellent post-service career that is a great fit with many of the skills and disciplines learned in the service.


Operation: Qualify For Hire

The goal of this free program is to facilitate the successful transition of military service members and veterans into a meaningful and successful project management career. The program has 4 key pillars to accomplish its goals: 
Two NCPMI veterans who have successfully transitioned volunteer as panel members discussing their transition experience from the military into civilian life and employment at the November, 2018 Veterans Career Transition Day sponsored by Cisco, Inc.

   1. Join

Candidates join PMI and their local chapter to engage with this community and take advantage of the benefits offered through membership.

PMI membership - If the service member or veteran who has GI Bill benefits has decided to apply for certification and desires to be a PMI member, membership (for one year) may be bundled with the certification for a single fee that is eligible for reimbursement under the GI Bill. In this case, BOTH applications need to be submitted to PMI and the individual should follow the reimbursement process provided by their OQFH mentor.


A few NCPMI veterans have received scholarships awarded by vendors to prepare for the PMP certification exam.


   2. Qualify

Preparation courses or study groups for PMI certifications are offered by the chapters and are an important element in supporting the certification process.  OQFH mentors are available to provide guidance throughout the application and certification process.

NCPMI veterans who have successfully transitioned volunteer to represent the Chapter at a February, 2019 NC4ME Hiring Event sponsored by MetLife.

   3. Certify

All of PMI’s certifications are approved for reimbursement under the GI Bill. These certifications are globally recognized and in demand by employers. Gaining a PMI certification further supports transitioning individuals in finding careers outside of the service that leverage their experience and expertise.

With a PMI certification, practitioners can work in virtually any industry, anywhere in the world and with any project management methodology.   For the full listing of certifications view this page.

Please visit this link to review the application process.

   4. Place

Veterans can request a mentor by contacting the Asst. Military Liaison at Veterans_Lead@NCPMI.org.  Mentors provide military service members and their families with advice and support to get the most out of their membership, qualify for certification, apply for and prepare for their certification exam(s), and secure employment.  PMI and many of its local chapters, offers candidates access to jobs via their job boards or the global PMI Project Management Job Board. PMI’s Job Board offers support such as résumé writing and critiquing, career coaching, and interviewing skills.   

Benefits of the OQFH Program:

  • Guest Pass Program -- NCPMI will provide a Guest Pass to any veteran exploring a career in project management that wishes to attend an NCPMI Chapter meeting to learn more about the profession and the Chapter.
  • PMI Membership for 1 year.
  • Pairing with a NCPMI PMP Mentor to help navigate through the training, PMP testing and employment search phases for transitioning veterans.  
  • Participation in the NCPMI Veterans Networking Group

Benefits of PMI membership:

Benefits of NCPMI membership:

Other Transition Support Options Available to Veterans:

To request more information or request admission to the OQFH program, contact the Asst. Military Liaison at Veterans_Lead@NCPMI.org

Helpful Information for OQFH Participants

Veterans Tool Kit

VA Reimbursement Process Brochure

Mentoring Guide

Onward to Opportunity (O2O) - Ft. Bragg

Onward to Opportunity (O2O) - Camp LeJeune


Chuck F,           Military Liaison                       Veterans_Liaison@NCPMI.org

Julie F.              Asst. Military Liaison              Veterans_Lead@NCPMI.org

Walt S.             Military Outreach                     Veterans_Outreach@NCPMI.org