PMI North Carolina Chapter

Veteran Program Mentor (Multiple)

Veteran Program Mentor (Multiple)


Requesting Member: Director of Volunteers

Position Title: Veteran Program Mentor [Click Here to Apply]

Reporting to: NCPMI Chapter Military Liaison and VP of Membership

Estimated Volunteer Hours per Week:  1-2 hours a week

Estimated Volunteer Hours Per Month:  4 - 8 hours a month

Contact Information

Name: Director of Volunteers

Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Job Description

The Veteran Transition Mentor is responsible for engaging Veterans, Active Duty, Reservist and Guard personnel in transition, or post transition to civilian life for joining the NCPMI Chapter, attaining a PMI certification, becoming employed as a project manager and in making a successful transition from the military to civilian communities.


Job Roles and Responsibilities: 

Assists Veterans or Active Duty service members in joining the NCPMI Chapter, preparing for certification exam(s) providing guidance to low or no-cost preparatory training through program resources and to study resources as available prior to becoming employed as a project manager.

  • Join - provide the benefits for becoming a PMI and NCPMI Chapter member and assist, where needed, in helping the Veteran become a member in good standing with the NCPMI Chapter
  • Quality – Mentor the new Veteran chapter member in identifying and/or attaining the knowledge, skills, abilities, education, training and/or experience to qualify for sitting from the desired PMI certification examination
  • Certify – Mentor the new Veteran chapter member through his/her application submission and preparation for certification examination to include study resources and groups as needed
  • Place - Assists Veterans or service members in their job search, providing career advice and moral support in the following areas:
    • Resume writing
    • Interviewing
    • Community hiring awareness (the NC Triangle)
    • Networking interaction & support
  • Professional Mentoring - Provide mentoring to Veterans and Active Duty service members specifically aimed at assisting in making the professional transition from active duty, reserve or guard service to productive employment as a Project Manager in the civilian workforce.

NOTE: This is a VERY subjective task as Veterans come in many forms. Some have been “institutionalized” in military life for two decades or more and will find the transition both daunting and painful. Others (Guards and Reservists, in particular…) may have served less than two years on active duty and will not desire, need nor require the professional mentoring as that of a long-term active duty military member.



Active Duty, retired or honorably discharged from U.S. military (preferred for the professional mentoring aspect of this assignment, but for the four pillars, Join, Qualify, Certify and Place, can be a Non-Veteran Chapter Member)

Certified PMP or CAPM strongly preferred; other PMI certifications acceptable

A member in good standing with PMI and the NCPMI Chapter

Good organizational and written / verbal skills

Computer, internet and Email access are essential

Strong Networking skills

One year minimum commitment to the role

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