PMI North Carolina Chapter

President's Message - August 2020

President's Message - August 2020


Preparing for the August 2020 NCPMI president’s message, I found myself looking back over the first 6 months of this year to realize something unexpected but at the same time not surprising. This is my first term in an elected VP position with NCPMI and I am witnessing this organization with a new perspective and have become humbled by the continued passion and resiliency of our NCPMI volunteer community. Specifically, I have seen this to be similar to other organizations who are quickly realizing that instability (which we have an abundance of) calls upon our natural instinct to detect and react to change as we continue to regain stability in our pursuit to seek normalcy.

Closer to home within the Membership teams, I am finding our volunteers to be no exception. Their focus and mindset continues with servant leadership, having a thoughtful eye, and adding value for “our” NCPMI members who are exploring and adopting new ways to stay informed and connected. Amazingly, the NCPMI volunteers have maintained their focus, all while taking on new responsibilities both at home and at work as our nation and local community weather through the COVID-19 disruptions. As a prime example, I (along with many of you) have witnessed the transformation of the Membership Orientation events that has converted the in-person, once a month event, to a virtual session that is now being offered multiple times a month and increasing outreach engagement levels for members who are not able to attend the face-to-face events. Additional teams in Membership are also finding their virtual comforts that include the NextGen and Emerging Professionals along with the Mentorship program and Veteran engagement teams.

In closing, I must say that my first 6 months as VP of Membership have provided me a renewed level of confidence in NCPMI. I am honored to be a part of this organization and to volunteer my time with professionals that are focused, sincere, kind, and willing to embrace the moment, regardless of the challenge. To that end, I would encourage each of you to explore volunteering so that you can experience all the benefits of network and professional growth, all while being part of a volunteer community that will identify and act on each opportunity to redefine stability.

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