PMI North Carolina Chapter

President's Message - September 2021

President's Message - September 2021

ChrisHead-Shot-2019My last message was August of 2020, during what we thought was the height of the Pandemic that surrounded our Chapter with more unknowns than knowns. Now, thirteen months later, at alarming rates in every direction, we continue to experience change and uncertainty with most conversations leading to the popular question… “Is this our new normal?”.  Personally, the quick and simple answer is “yes”, at least until something else changes. Okay, that was a little cliché, but it is our reality… “Right?”.  I think it is fair and reasonable to state that the profession, mission, and success of a “Project Manager” is to lead through an effort of change.

What a great time to be a member of NCPMI!!! The reality of what NCPMI does for you, the members, the volunteers, the students, and the emerging professionals is 100% in service and focused in providing a safe place to strengthen new (and old) Project Management skills. Another cliché… sorry, but “You only get out of it what you put into it”. I strongly encourage every member of NCPMI to make the most from their membership by getting involved with your local project management community. I have experienced and witnessed examples over the last 13 months that illustrate the benefits of change that provided platforms to demonstrate creativity through curiosity and passion that resulted in learning while expanding your professional network. NCPMI is a place where you can practice public speaking, drive a digital transformation, optimize operational efficiencies, plan projects, complete platform migrations, plan events, manage vendor engagement… etc. Yes, NCPMI is a place for “You” to learn and to build relationships and to embrace change in a way that inspires creativity.

As we continue to live in a two-dimensional world, it is comforting to know that NCPMI is here to help project managers grow. I am honored to be a part of this organization and to volunteer my time with professionals that are focused, sincere, kind, and willing to embrace the moment, regardless of the challenge. To that end, I would encourage each of you to explore volunteering so that you can experience all the benefits of networking and professional growth, all while being part of a volunteer community that will identify and act on each opportunity to redefine stability.

Chris Carter

VP, Membership, NCPMI Chapter