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In 2019, the Disciplined Agile (DA) organization became part of the Project Management Institute, along with FLEX, the innovative agile method for value stream mapping across complex business processes. 

Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) was developed at IBM 15 years ago, and has since become a leading global foundational practice for how agile ways of working can be successfully implemented by large, medium, or small enterprises in any industry sector who wish to optimize their business agility.

PMI Disciplined Agile with FLEX is an agnostic Tool Kit that harnesses hundreds of collaborative agile best practices (Scrum, Scaled Agile, XP, Lean, Kanban, etc) to systematically guide teams to find the best way of working for ALL levels of an organization in ANY industry.  As a goal-driven method, DA is a guide to a achieving a solid foundation for business agility that is ‘pragmatic not purist’.  By using DA, people, teams, and organizations can all benefit from straightforward agile guidance to ‘Choose Your Way of Working’ and streamline process flows that quickly realize optimum productivity and business value.

Since the Agile Manifesto was first published in 2001, an “Agile Industrial Complex” has emerged, with 31 global training entities offering 256 certifications in some form of “agile” product development!

PMI Disciplined Agile seeks to be the definitive source of expertise in agile project management and agile training standards for PMI members. 

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PMI North Carolina Chapter Agile CoP DISCIPLINED AGILE CHAMPIONS below are your local DA guides

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derek ketterer

Derek Ketterer
NCPMI Chair Agile CoP

Myriam Augustin
Former NCPMI President
DA Champion

derek ketterer

John Leonard
DA Champion

Anne Michalak
IBM Agile PM
DA Champion

derek ketterer

Robert Robinson
VP Programs

David Gentry
PMI-ACP Training Lead
Oct 2020 ACP Training