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In late 2019, the Disciplined Agile (DA) Consortium became part of the Project Management Institute, along with FLEX, the innovative agile method for value stream mapping across complex business processes.  Acquiring Disciplined Agile Consortium’s team and FLEX brought widely respected adaptive framework experts, authors and agile evangelists into PMI leadership.  Scott Ambler, Mark Lines, Alan Shalloway and other DA leaders are now PMI agile experts who lead adaptive project management and training standards development for global PMI community members. 

The Agile Manifesto was published in 2001 by an innovative group of IT experts seeking to bring best practices like Lean process, Kanban, and quality improvement from 20th century advanced industrial manufacturing into software development for use by 21st century digital technology project teams.  Those 17 visionaries met for a few days in Utah, created 4 values and 12 principles commonly shared by their ‘lightweight’ and ‘flexible’ development processes, and agreed the name ‘agile’ (proposed by the late Mike Beedle) was the best title to unify their efforts.  Manifesto signer Martin Fowler observed in 2018 that an ever expanding “Agile Industrial Complex” has continuously grown from their initiative to align similar iterative, adaptive IT process frameworks under a common umbrella. 


February 2021 marks the 20th anniversary celebration of the famous gathering of 17 leaders at Snowbird Ski Resort, from which AGILE has become a huge thing in modern business!

Today, 42 global training organizations offer 270 certifications in some form of ‘agile’ product development, including PMI-ACP!  Created by PMI in 2011, Agile Certified Practitioner is as professionally rigorous as PMP, and quickly became the fastest growing certification offered by PMI.  Unfortunately, outside PMI there is a very large agile community where ACP remains little known.   PMI-ACP is often not given the wide prestige it deserves for high level agile professional knowledge skills that far exceed the training provided in 260 other agile “certifications” whose requirements are much easier to complete!  Among dozens of agile approaches, “Scrum” is now most popular by far.  The Scrum Master, whose role is team lead or quarterback in the scrum framework, is similar to (but not same as) an agile project manager.  

Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) was started inside IBM Corporation 15 years ago as the first agile process framework tailored so that many IBM development teams could work together using agile at scale in a large enterprise.  After 2013, the DA Consortium founders took DAD quickly across the world as a leading innovative approach for how agile ways of working can be successfully implemented by any large corporation, medium enterprise, or small project team in all industry sectors who wish to deliver products quickly, and optimize their business agility.  DA has become a leading approach to scaling agile across organizations, but less known than the popular Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

The word “disciplined” was added early in IBM’s agile implementation to allay a common incorrect concern by corporate executives that agile delivery permits teams too much self-organization and structural freedom on decision making to successfully produce quality products in a large organization.   Also, DAD lifecycles schedule agile iterations within 3 project phases that are very familiar to traditional PMOs (Inception, Construction, Transition). 

PMI Disciplined Agile combined with FLEX is a pragmatic, agnostic TOOL KIT that harnesses hundreds of collaborative agile framework best practices from Scrum, Scaled Agile, XP, Lean, Kanban, TQM, etc to systematically guide teams on how to find the best way of working for ALL levels of an organization in ANY industry.   As a goal-driven systems approach to implement agile options and tailor adaptive best practices, DA is a flexible guide to achieving a solid foundation for business agility that truly is ‘pragmatic not purist’.  By using DA, people, teams, and organizations can all benefit from straightforward agile guidance to ‘Choose Your Way of Working’, streamline process flows, improve quality, and implement lean practices that quickly realize optimum productivity and business value.

VIDEO: DA co-founders Scott Amber and Mark Lines talk about “What is Disciplined  Agile?”

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CERTIFICATION:  PMI’s 2021 Disciplined Agile Roadmap aligns DA training with PMI-ACP, in 5 levels from beginner to expert!  Frequently Asked Questions on 2021 PMI Disciplined Agile Certifications

PMI  Choose Your WoW!   book (FREE pdf download for PMI members) DA “BOK” Body of Knowledge

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