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Chapter Meeting – October 2021:


Date: 10-21-2021 5:45 to 7:45 PM

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President's Message - September 2021

My last message was August of 2020, during what we thought was the height of the Pandemic that surrounded our Chapter with more unknowns than knowns. Now, thirteen months later, at alarming rates in every direction, we continue to experience change and uncertainty with most conversations leading to the popular question… “Is this our new normal?”.  Personally, the quick and simple answer is “yes”, at least until something else changes. Okay, that was a little cliché, but it is our reality… “Right?”.  I think it is fair and reasonable to state that the profession, mission, and success of a “Project Manager” is to lead through an effort of change.

What a great time to be a member of NCPMI!!! The reality of what NCPMI does for you, the members, the volunteers, the students, and the emerging professionals is 100% in service and focused in providing a safe place to strengthen new (and old) Project Management skills. Another cliché… sorry, but “You only get out of it what you put into it”. I strongly encourage every member of NCPMI to make the most from their membership by getting involved with your local project management community. I have experienced and witnessed examples over the last 13 months that illustrate the benefits of change that provided platforms to demonstrate creativity through curiosity and passion that resulted in learning while expanding your professional network. NCPMI is a place where you can practice public speaking, drive a digital transformation, optimize operational efficiencies, plan projects, complete platform migrations, plan events, manage vendor engagement… etc. Yes, NCPMI is a place for “You” to learn and to build relationships and to embrace change in a way that inspires creativity.

As we continue to live in a two-dimensional world, it is comforting to know that NCPMI is here to help project managers grow. I am honored to be a part of this organization and to volunteer my time with professionals that are focused, sincere, kind, and willing to embrace the moment, regardless of the challenge. To that end, I would encourage each of you to explore volunteering so that you can experience all the benefits of networking and professional growth, all while being part of a volunteer community that will identify and act on each opportunity to redefine stability.

Chris Carter

VP, Membership, NCPMI Chapter



As was true in the early pandemic, it seems that where we are with COVID cases, responses, and protocols, is rapidly changing. I wanted to reach out and give you an update on where NCPMI is with going back to meeting in person.

Board meetings:

The board has met three times in person for June and July board meetings, plus June strategy planning meeting. At this time, we have decided to postpone meeting in person for August, given the rise in cases and the emergence of the delta variant.

Chapter meetings:

Our intention was to test a hybrid model for our chapter meetings in October, and have a fully in person meeting in November, with a hybrid option for those that are geographically disperse. We know that we gained engagement from a lot of members during the pandemic that could now join us virtually, where coming to RTP was prohibitive in the past. We don't want to lose those members, so are investigating the hybrid model.

We will be monitoring progress of cases before making decisoins to come back in person in October.

General guidance:

One of our board members, Damien Perez, VP of Certifications is a school adminstrator for his day job. We are so lucky to have his guidance for our COVID protocols. At this time, he is leading our COVID response by helping us to adhere to local mandates, as well as NCDHHS guidelines for safety. Before any in person meetings are held, we will ensure we are following all guidance and mandates appropriately.

I for one, really miss the fellowship of our in-person meetings. We will continue to watch and make the best decisions, but please know, we want to be back in person.

Thank You

Jessica Johnson, PMP
President, NCPMI

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Upcoming events

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Communications and Public Speaking CoP: Journey to Self-Actualization—Finding Your Passion

09-28-2021 5:45 pm -8:00 pm
Virtual Meeting

So many aspire to find their passion, yet many people settle in their daily lives. How can we find those interests that inspire us, that provide light, that moves us each day? Throughout my life, I was searching for some meaning, some sign for my purpose. Turns out, the signs were all around me! Once I recognized the signs and pursued opportunities, I began to experience that passion and fulfillment! Make no mistake, this is not a self-help seminar, nor will I direct you to any personality tests. This is a sharing of my journey and how I was finally able to recognize my true passion and abilities. Maybe through sharing my story, I can help you find your true passion too!


Scholarship Application Period Ending

09-30-2021 -11:55 pm

NCPMI Scholarship Application

Do you need assistance with your educational or professional development goals? The North Carolina Project Management Institute (NCPMI) Chapter has up to $1,000 in scholarships available for those who are selected quarterly. We want to enable students and members to realize their potential and transform lives through project management as well as enable professional growth. Coursework must be in the project management field and you must be a member or have a sponsor at NCPMI.

Scholarship will only cover course fees and will be directly paid to the school, or reimbursement will need to be requested with submitted receipt. Scholarship awards will vary, but may not exceed $1000.


Innovation COP - The Product Lifecycle of Innovation

10-05-2021 6:00 pm -7:00 pm
Innovation COP - The Product Lifecycle of Innovation

Innovation COP - The Product Lifecycle of Innovation

Grow Your Skills

It is particularly important for Project Managers to maintain and improve their project management knowledge and skills to stay competitive in the market. PMP certification is a critical component. As, during the resent years, project management discipline took a step toward more flexible and dynamic project management methodologies, in addition to the traditional waterfall approach, several new emerging methodologies became in high demand. Thus, training and credentialing in these methodologies became highly sough after among Project Management professionals. It is especially relevant in today's economic climate.

Membership Statistics

Total Members 3445
New Members This Year 279
PMP® Members 2541
CAPM® Members 73
PgMP® Members 11
PMI-SP® Members 5
PMI-RMP® Members 16
PMI-ACP® Members 147
PfMP® Members 3
PMI-PBA® Members 5
Members with no Certification 829
Breakdown by type  
Individual Members 3372
Student Members 43
Other Members 30
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Members in Spotlight

  • Bianca Greene, PMP
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  • Dallas Campbell, PMP
  • Hayley Flores, PMP
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  • Michael Chae, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Brooke Power, PMP
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  • Amanda Toyoda, PMP
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  • Kari Anderson
  • Jayasimha Naneapalli
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  • Pete Parnian, PMP
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  • Jacob Frederick
  • William Felter
  • Mildred Garland
  • Stephen Prys
  • Evelyn Johnson

  • Bilal Aleem, PMP
  • Subodh Sharma, PMP
  • Stephanie Alsay, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Karen Goetz, PMP
  • Hayley Flores, PMP

  • Kristy Dudley, PMP
  • Majida Malki, PMP
  • Lourdes Guzman Miranda, PMP
  • Robert White, PMP
  • Chinmoyee Deshpande, PMP
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  • Helene Delgado, PMP
  • Mariel Rivera
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  • William Good, PMP
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  • Tonya Allen, PMP
  • Trevor Tupper, PMP
  • Shanna Gillis, PMP
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  • Michael Burke, PMP
  • Stephen Sloop
  • Franklin Longest, PMP
  • Yanira Hernandez, PMP
  • Richard Yeager, PMP
  • Kristen Kato, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Pat Peruso
  • Elizabeth Odera, PMP
  • Mildred Nicaragua, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Kristine Marie Jack-Banfield, PMI-ACP
  • Asia Knight
  • Kevin Parker, PMP
  • Juan Quinones
  • Christopher Sweet, PMP
  • Jennifer Feller
  • emily mccormick
  • Dan Vandergrift, PMP
  • Serenity Lake, PMP
  • Rachel Porter
  • Andrea Uvanni
  • Gillian Cassell
  • Cristina Black, PMP
  • Janelle Owens, PMP,CAPM
  • Albert Myles, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • George Medeiros
  • Lona Wallace, CAPM
  • Michael Zuromski
  • Rajesh Sharan, PMP
  • Jonathan McCoy, PMP
  • coleman johnson
  • Tammy Jones-Smith
  • Stephanie Dunford, PMP
  • Meredith Earl
  • Karen Gaster, PMP
  • Candace George, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Justin Stringfield
  • Rosania Fernandes, PMP
  • Aarati Ramanand, PMP
  • Damian Grant
  • Eliot Pikoulis
  • Eric Fogleman
  • Beatrice Muganda, PMP
  • Brandon Hill
  • Sarah Hutchins-Fisher, PMP
  • Cassandra Spencer, PMP
  • Shivani Bansal, PMP
  • Krishna Eluri, PMP
  • Brandy Lawrence, PMP
  • Amanda Mullens, PMP
  • Melanie Zitt, PMP
  • Debra Swepson, PMP
  • Theodore Ausflug, PMP
  • Michele Palma, PMP
  • Elijah Grizzard, PMP
  • Julie Smith, PMP
  • Teresa Clark, PMP
  • Kannan Ganesan, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Alexander Thomas, PMP
  • John Jackman, PMP
  • Shyla Tatum, PMP
  • Melissa McClure, PMP
  • Kevin McDonald
  • Melanie Clare
  • Regina Miyojim, PMP
  • Jeff Stevenson, PMP
  • Jim Obremski, PMP
  • Kenneth Ratashak, PMP
  • Tiffany Delgado
  • Teresita Maz, PMP
  • Jody Robertson, PMP
  • Elizabeth Harris
  • Kathryn Balinskas, PMP
  • David Goldstein, PMP
  • Tara Holada, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Morgan McIlwain, PMP
  • Adrienne Mullaney, PMP
  • Wendy Turner, PMP
  • William Siler, PMP
  • Craig Cardella, PMP
  • Thalia Person
  • Glynis Butters, PMP
  • Timothy Thomas, PMP
  • Daniel Tyson, PMP
  • Ashley Buchanan, PMP
  • Brian Belvin, PMP
  • Neisha Fredericks, PMP
  • Susan Fritzen, PMP
  • renee manley, PMP
  • Matthew Cummings, PMP
  • Maheshwari Dixith, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Nia Cash, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Dawn Wirth, PMP
  • Tonya Perry, PMP
  • Kathathorn Kuratana, PMP
  • Colleen Coogan, PMP
  • Keith Gifford, PMP
  • April Lyle, PMP
  • Neil Drooks, PMP
  • Kerry James, PMP
  • Steven Moran, PMP
  • Heidi Grable, PMP
  • Michelle Chiu, PMP
  • William Murphy, PMP
  • Lemuel Flynn, PMP
  • Kristy White, PMP
  • Michael Nabedrik, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Stacey Curelop
  • John Yuschak, PMP
  • Maureen Slay, PMP
  • Ronald Mazyck, PMP
  • Kristie Browning, PMP
  • Jack Hyman, PMP,PMI_RMP
  • Shane Holland, PMP
  • Gregory Stein, PMP
  • Robert Pippin, PMP
  • Kristina Carden
  • Derek Rose, PMP
  • Rita Taylor, PMP
  • Kaali Dass, PMP
  • Michelle Judge, PMP
  • Jeremy Brantham, PMP
  • Jarrod Ambrose, PMP
  • Brenda Carpen, PMP
  • Larry Gross, PMP
  • Kimberly Quinn, PMP
  • Lorinda Camacho, PMP,PMI_RMP
  • Dennis Ellis, PMP
  • Timothy Small, PMP
  • Richard Cook, PMP
  • Leslie Ottavi, PMP
  • Mark Faggion, PMP
  • William Krebs, PMI-ACP
  • Randall Robinson, PMP
  • Juliene Allen, PMP
  • Elizabeth Epps, PMP
  • Sarah Gadbois
  • Anand Agrawal, PMP
  • John Leneschmidt, PMP
  • Phillip Myers
  • Justin Tallman, PMP
  • Kenneth Dietel
  • John Argento, PMP
  • Steve Lavin, PMP
  • Michael Rock, PMP
  • Dave Exley, PMP
  • Cheryl Schramm
  • Christopher Eby, PMP
  • Charles Crosier, PMP
  • Lisa Juliani, PMP
  • Angela Hoke, PMP
  • Sharon Bennett, PMP
  • Andrew Butler, PMP
  • Lourdes Guzman Miranda, PMP
  • Robert White, PMP
  • Sudie Rowshan, PMP
  • Jeff Garrison
  • James Ormand, PMP
  • Kelly Reddick, PMP
  • Barbara Merrill, PMP
  • Jordan Berkley, PMP
  • Jennifer Camia, PMP
  • Robert White, PMP
  • Thomas Blum, PMP
  • Glenn Poplawski, PMP
  • Jim Schwab, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • David Wade Taylor
  • Deborah White, PMP
  • Drew Hollander, PMP
  • Adam McClellan, PMP
  • Shirley Hinton, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Janice Bishop, PMP
  • Audrey Squire, PMP
  • Robert Johnson, PMP
  • Elise George, PMP
  • Karen Sue Amstutz, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • David Choman
  • Richard Hoffman, PMP
  • Martha Hoylman, PMP
  • Kathryn Poole, PMP
  • William Smith, PMP
  • Jeffrey Johnston, PMP
  • Leslie Lindquist, PMP
  • John Leonard, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Dennis Aves, PMP

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Project Management Institute, with members in 135 countries, is the world's foremost authority for the project management profession. PMI sets industry standards, conducts research, and provides education and certification opportunities designed to strengthen and further establish the profession. Our chapter proudly serves all the local and national professionals in the space of Project Management. We currently have thousands of members - over half of whom hold PMI’s esteemed PMP certification - and represent nearly 400 unique companies across the globe.

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Make your mark on our PMI Chapter and the profession. As a member, you can volunteer to work on and to lead activities that advance the profession and support the chapter business operations by joining our chapter volunteer community. All volunteer openings are managed by the PMI Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS). This system includes the ability to search for opportunities, view details about each role and apply online.

Earn PDUs by Volunteering

Volunteering Project Management Professional PDUs can be earned as part of Category E: Volunteer Service. Category E, along with Category D (Creating New Project Knowledge) and Category F (Working as a Professional in Project Management), comprise the Giving Back To The Profession Categories. You can earn PDUs in Category E (Volunteer Service) by providing volunteer, non-compensated project management, and many others.

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Our PMI Chapter welcomes proposals from passionate speakers interested in sharing their experiences, knowledge and expertise on such topics as general business and strategy, leadership, project management, and technical or industry-specific specialties. Our Professional Development events provide professional development units (PDUs) of educational information necessary for those attendees maintaining certification designations. Speakers are also eligible to claim PDUs for their creation and delivery of the presentation material.

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