President's message - January 2023







A very Happy New Year to all NCPMI Members, Sponsors, and Guests in this first month of 2023!

To start a successful and healthy year, we must assess our past year to ideate a better present and future with decisive choices.

With so many unprecedented situations around the globe, be it the War, the pandemic, natural disasters, cybersecurity threats, increasing global supply shortages and social gaps between work and life, we have all bore the brunt of the impact and may feel lost and destabilized.

However, we have overcome the challenges with solidarity and resilience as individuals and as a society. We shall keep on practicing the same with determination and integrity. We must accept our lives as it presents and enhance our ability to respond best. The key to doing our best is the ability to adapt and apply. 

Taking these life principles as a guideline, We at NCPMI are ready to assess the world, adapt and choose actions that accelerate growth. We have our strategy meeting on Jan-14-2023 to pave the road ahead. If you have any suggestions for expanding the PM community, please email

The digital workplace has seen a considerable transformation. The hybrid working model has become the new norm, not the blip we once anticipated. Cutting-edge technologies have improved workstyles and service quality. Similarly, NCPMI will support these changes and introduce new digital mechanisms to foster in-house hybrid meeting capabilities and deliver in-person and virtual events, thus encapsulating the needs of all our members (geographically near and far) and presenting opportunities for Networking and Professional Growth.

We understand how human capital allows us to transform and create value. Staying true to this realization, we will keep co-creating with our members and stakeholders. We look forward to accelerating our organization's core processes to deliver the maximum value to our members and society.

Our Community involvement for Social Good has been a great success in 2022. This year we shall renew our pledge to support PMI Hours for Impact ( and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals ( Please look forward to opportunities to give back to society. Join us this year for a social initiative or create an opportunity as a volunteer.

I look into the coming days with great optimism – because I look at the people around me, the NCPMI Board and Volunteers, and the hills we have climbed together. I know there is no mountain too high for those climbing it.

As members, sponsors and guests, you are our Strength, and I thank you for your faith in NCPMI. The NCPMI Board wishes you health, happiness, confidence, and resilience in this New Year!


Manosh Majumdar

President, NCPMI


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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events

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Certification: 2023 PMP Exam Prep Class

02-04-2023 8:30 am - 03-04-2023 4:30 pm

Non-Members $1000, Members $900 

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This course is taught over five Saturdays. This course will provide the 35 education credits needed for your PMP application. This class is guaranteed to run regardless of the number of registrations. This will be a This will be a Virtual-Hybrid class offering the student a choice between Virtual Attendance taught on a Zoom platform and In-person Classroom Training.  In person classes will be held at Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc, 4301 Emperor Blvd Durham, NC 27703

CLASS DATESSaturday  February 4, 11, 18, 25 and March 4, 2023

CLASS TIMES: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM. Lunch Times: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


Feb Virtual Member Orientation Session

02-13-2023 5:30 pm -6:00 pm

February Virtual Member Orientation Session

NCPMI Member Orientation sessions are being offered in a virtual setting. Join us to find out about the benefits of being a Chapter member. The session will introduce you to the various program offerings and you can see how to best use your membership. Member orientation sessions are for:

  • all chapter members who are interested in learning more about the opportunities and benefits the chapter provides
  • new and existing members who want to find out how to get more involved.

Sorry, the event is now full and we could not accept more registration


Chapter Meeting – February 2023: The Case for the Agile Project Manager

02-16-2023 5:30 pm -8:00 pm
Virtual Meeting
FREE for all NCPMI members and non members
Chapter Meeting – February 2023: The Case for the Agile Project Manager


Change isn’t coming – it’s already here. The project environment is becoming more volatile,
uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Project management and project managers must transform and evolve in order to keep up with these changes.
The Agile movement is a disruptor in the field of project management, now having over 20 years of successes and benefits to organizations that have adopted their practices. But while Agile has proven itself to be more adept in dealing with uncertainty, just following frameworks isn’t enough. What are some of the key competencies and ways of thinking we must have?

After this one-hour session, learners will be able to:

  • Describe how the project environment is increasingly unstable
  • Relay the need to go beyond Agile projects to the underlying principles
  • Consider the overall end goal of organizational business agility

Grow Your Skills

It is particularly important for Project Managers to maintain and improve their project management knowledge and skills to stay competitive in the market. PMP certification is a critical component. As, during the resent years, project management discipline took a step toward more flexible and dynamic project management methodologies, in addition to the traditional waterfall approach, several new emerging methodologies became in high demand. Thus, training and credentialing in these methodologies became highly sough after among Project Management professionals. It is especially relevant in today's economic climate.

Membership Statistics

Total Members 3620
New Members This Year 61
PMP® Members 2532
CAPM® Members 100
PgMP® Members 14
PMI-SP® Members 8
PMI-RMP® Members 17
PMI-ACP® Members 148
PfMP® Members 3
PMI-PBA® Members 7
Members with no Certification 992
Breakdown by type  
Individual Members 3532
Student Members 56
Other Members 32
PMP/CAPM/PgMP/PMI-SP/PMI-RMP/PMI-ACP/PfMP/PMI-PBA are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Stay Informed

Members in Spotlight

  • Brian Purnell
  • Shivali Patel
  • James Merrill
  • Lara Reynolds, PMP
  • Dana Nelson
  • Soni Rani, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Allison Blackman
  • Beryl Murgor
  • John Rochford, PMP
  • Mary Parisi, PMP
  • Elizabeth Peters
  • Christos Megalis
  • Georgia Rowlands, CAPM
  • Gillian Lizars
  • Terri Adou-Dy
  • Yasha Carter
  • William Dickey
  • Kishore Anjaneyulu, PMP
  • Laurie Torres
  • Jonathan Bell, PMP
  • Lori Chulla
  • George Rucker
  • Jessi Rogers
  • Sierra Cortez Stubbs
  • Scott Serbin
  • Eric Long
  • Denys Toscano
  • Gregg Deem, PMP
  • Mark Nyberg
  • Scott Meinhardt
  • Lisa Byers
  • Talise Fulmore
  • Dev Prana
  • James Caffery
  • Abdulsalam Shadid
  • Chun Chang
  • Kirsten Crapnell, PMP
  • Amanda Wiebke, PMP
  • Catherine Wiggins
  • Jackson Stubbs, PMP
  • Edwina Holt, CAPM
  • Alexa Shang
  • Timothy Jones, PMP
  • Christopher Painter
  • David Main
  • Jen Keating
  • John Moore
  • Rachel Polasek
  • Chris Shallenberg
  • Alexus Hudson
  • Joanna Pursley
  • Patrick Robinson
  • Janice Samuels, CAPM
  • Saunya Amos
  • Keli Diewald
  • Kimberly Smith, PMP
  • Andrew Cockson, CAPM
  • Akiera Davis
  • Nitin Sood, PMP
  • Lauren Perry, PMP

  • Jonathan Bell, PMP
  • Candice Dunn, PMP
  • Thomas Hudspeth, PMP
  • Steve Snell, PMP
  • Andrew Levandoski, PMP

  • Megan Bell, PMP
  • Kay Murphy
  • Tammie Stagnitta, PMP
  • Jonathan Lindberg, PMP
  • Jodi Burnett, PMP
  • Adrienne Barnes, PMP
  • Malissa Larsen, PMP
  • Lisa Jeans, PMP
  • Danesh Mishra, PMP
  • Albert Page, PMP
  • Elizabeth Ruben, PMP
  • Dave Exley, PMP
  • Renee Sember, PMP

  • Boulos Megaly
  • Chetna Tailor, PMP
  • Hannah Tyson, PMP
  • Brandon Look
  • Christina Chapman, PMP
  • Shane Barnes, PMP
  • Deronta Robinson
  • Marisa Scott, PMP
  • Colin Murphy, PMP
  • Alexandrea Tantum, CAPM
  • Casey Sheffer
  • Sandra Thomas, PMP
  • Christian Diaz
  • Rebecca Moreci
  • Zachary Fain
  • Danni McGruder, CAPM
  • Jose Sanchez, PMP,PMI-SP
  • Desiree Milioni, PMP
  • Taylor Gordon
  • Kaitlin Gill Rider, PMP
  • Nicole Bowling, PMP
  • shannon hughes
  • Theresa Alston-Williams
  • Taylor Rechner
  • Christopher Carter, PMP,CAPM
  • Selina Mitchell
  • Adora Baca, PMP
  • Tyler Yeager
  • Julie Anne Abella, PMP
  • Diedra McEntyre, PMP
  • Kevin Klenk, PMP
  • Lydia Tuch, PMP
  • Lingzhi Zhang, PMP
  • Lauren Absher, PMP
  • Anup Pathak
  • Rebecca Conner, PMP
  • Patricia DeSimone, PMP
  • April Norris
  • Riddhi Bhatt, PMP
  • Cynthia Blackwell
  • Megan Collins, PMP
  • Tim Miller, PfMP
  • Mary Arenas, CAPM
  • Jane King, PMP
  • Anna Johnson, PMP
  • folusho obe, PMP
  • Hui Shan WANG, PMP
  • Catherine Procopio, PMP
  • Keenan Bragg, CAPM
  • John Wilson
  • Rebecca Wood
  • Jeffery Condon
  • Liz Goodman
  • Valerie Patterson, PMP
  • Brook Andrade, PMP
  • Pinelopi Kouloglou, PMP
  • Jennifer Vasquez, PMP
  • Courtney Walls, PMP
  • Kate Brandon Sutton, PMP
  • Elizabeth Le Duc, PMP
  • Timothy Baker
  • Kirk Jernigan, PMP
  • Kourtnei Williams
  • Raj Kumar, PMP
  • Olivia Reding, PMP
  • Brent Kepler, PMP
  • Cristiane Rachid
  • Lawrence Martin, PMP
  • Hannah Wilson, PMP
  • Sheldon Lettsome
  • Matt Turner
  • Andrew Knauf, PMP
  • Thomas DAmico
  • Lauren Machingo, PMP
  • Charles Young, PMP
  • Brett Keeler, PMP
  • Eric Frost, PMP
  • Alice Cuthbertson
  • Yolanda Ward, PMP
  • Ryan Colvin, PMP
  • Tina Beri, PMP
  • Tejinder Datt
  • Michael Harris, PMP
  • Brandon Little, PMP
  • Vijay Damaraju, PMP
  • Srirekha Viswanathan
  • Danna Wilson, PMP
  • Austin Bailey, PMP
  • Cheryl Scibilia
  • Kristina Hanny, PMP
  • Julie Berry, PMP
  • Derrick Jacks, PMP
  • Michelle Alexander, PMP
  • Lindsey Busfield, PMP
  • Michael Giannaccini, PMP
  • Terry Oakley, PMP
  • Chris Hickman
  • Eric Gallagher, PMP
  • Tim Williams, PMP
  • Bethany Leins, PMP
  • Lauren Gaspar, PMP
  • Adam Bartimmo
  • Christine Watkins, PMP
  • Ruth Pearce, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Amit Bose, PMP
  • Jennifer Courtemanche, PMP
  • Barbara Massey, PMP
  • Sarah Riley, PMP
  • Karen J Montgomery, CAPM
  • Cigdem Wright, PMP
  • Diego Pietrosemoli, PMP
  • John Schaefer, PMP
  • Coleman Simons, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Marilyn Lyons, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Michael Schott, PMP
  • Michael Joyce, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Lynita Cooke
  • Nagaraj Kasiraju, PMP
  • Tami Lewallen, PMP
  • Sundar Kaliyaperumal, PMP
  • Virginia Goss, PMP
  • Bradley Truesdell, PMP
  • Kathryn Brawner, PMP
  • Karen Nippert, PMP
  • Anthony Holland
  • James OKeefe, PMP
  • Phil Myers, PMP
  • Michelle Wobker, PMP
  • Glen Cutting, PMP
  • Kevin McCuen
  • Jayashree Sriram, PMP
  • Yakov Aingorn, PMP
  • Scott Caflisch, PMP
  • Scott Cady
  • Scott Crawley, PMP
  • Charles McMillan, PMP
  • James Foulke, PMP
  • Janelle Branoff, PMP
  • Jeff LeMaster
  • Carla Handrinos, CAPM
  • James Hayes, PMP
  • Tarah Shpargel, PMP
  • Anne Bari, PMP
  • Renie Graham, PMP
  • Cathy Bennett, PMP
  • Leigh Cooper, PMP
  • Elizabeth Clark, PMP
  • Amy Kaczmarek, PMP
  • Malay Patel
  • William Brown
  • April Peebles, PMP
  • Sherrell Williams, PMP
  • Noreen Mirza, PMP
  • Lil Dowdy, PMP
  • Dhanesh Joshi, PMP
  • Lisa Taylor, PMP
  • William Hall, PMP
  • Chaitanya Kanthala
  • Aron Kimmerly, PMP
  • Bipin Mistry, PMP
  • Amanda Mellenberger
  • Brian Hardbarger, PMP
  • Amanda Good, PMP
  • Mike Monaco, PMP
  • Lionel Argeles
  • William Qubeck
  • Patrick Hayes
  • Abou Jalloh
  • James Fayson, PMP
  • Sara Vosinakis, PMP
  • Claudia Contreras, PMP
  • Ryan Yorkery, PMP
  • Heather Clawson, PMP
  • Kunal Metkar, PMP
  • shawn kline, PMP
  • Manosh Majumdar, PMP
  • richard smith
  • K. Beth Burt, PMP
  • Rebecca Womble, PMP
  • Michael Lee, PMP
  • Paul Delfs, PMP
  • Girish Amin, PMP
  • John Shanton, PMP
  • Wayne Augustine, PMP
  • David Lewis, PMP
  • Cindy Randolph, PMP
  • Lee Veit, PMP
  • Anne Justice, PMP
  • Gary Woods, PMP
  • Wallace Ingram, PMP
  • Gregory Marsh, PMP
  • Babu Rajendra Prasad Simhadri, PMP
  • Abdul Ghaffar, PMP
  • Joseph Franchina, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Loren Allston, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Michael Holland, PMP
  • Susan Hallman, PMP
  • Franklin Kostello, PMP
  • James Compton, PMP
  • John Hill, PMP
  • Denise Young
  • Suzanne Godown, PMP
  • Ken Miller, PMP
  • Karen Lambert, PMP
  • Gunvant Bhakta, PMP
  • Kerry Burch
  • Timothy Tierney, PMP
  • Malissa Larsen, PMP
  • Lisa Jeans, PMP
  • Danesh Mishra, PMP
  • Elizabeth Ruben, PMP
  • Caroline McLester, PMP
  • Tania Trbovich, PMP
  • Jeff Reed, PMP
  • Kevin Branin, PMP
  • Elizabeth Harrison, PMP
  • Dana Ford, PMP
  • Carol Davis
  • Timothy Kirksey, PMP
  • Melvin Lee
  • Anthony Cote, PMP
  • Timothy Rogers, PMP
  • Birhanie Robinson, PMP
  • Deborah Paskovich, PMP
  • Roberta Mulligan, PMP
  • Jeffrey Green, PMP
  • Patrick Bohmer, PMP
  • Susan Sonberg, PMP
  • Vikram Oza, PMP
  • Shannon MacFarlane Byers, PMP
  • Elizabeth Robinson, PMP
  • Jason Fraley, PMP
  • Tari Fanous
  • Kathleen Hunter, PMP
  • Katharine Mitchell, PMP
  • Christopher Elam, PMP
  • John McNeill, PMP
  • Bryan Chappell, PMP
  • Marco Trivella, PMP
  • Kenneth Paul Schult, PMP
  • Cathy Eason, PMP
  • Janet Lewis, PMP
  • Prenessa Lowery, PMP
  • Timothy Walters, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Kirk Keller, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Scott Rose, PMP

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Project Management Institute, with members in 135 countries, is the world's foremost authority for the project management profession. PMI sets industry standards, conducts research, and provides education and certification opportunities designed to strengthen and further establish the profession. Our chapter proudly serves all the local and national professionals in the space of Project Management. We currently have thousands of members - over half of whom hold PMI’s esteemed PMP certification - and represent nearly 400 unique companies across the globe.

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Find a Volunteer Opportunity

Make your mark on our PMI Chapter and the profession. As a member, you can volunteer to work on and to lead activities that advance the profession and support the chapter business operations by joining our chapter volunteer community. All volunteer openings are managed by the PMI Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS). This system includes the ability to search for opportunities, view details about each role and apply online.

Earn PDUs by Volunteering

Volunteering Project Management Professional PDUs can be earned as part of Category E: Volunteer Service. Category E, along with Category D (Creating New Project Knowledge) and Category F (Working as a Professional in Project Management), comprise the Giving Back To The Profession Categories. You can earn PDUs in Category E (Volunteer Service) by providing volunteer, non-compensated project management, and many others.

Speakers for our Chapter's Events

Our PMI Chapter welcomes proposals from passionate speakers interested in sharing their experiences, knowledge and expertise on such topics as general business and strategy, leadership, project management, and technical or industry-specific specialties. Our Professional Development events provide professional development units (PDUs) of educational information necessary for those attendees maintaining certification designations. Speakers are also eligible to claim PDUs for their creation and delivery of the presentation material.

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