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Board Message - May 2024


Dear NCPMI Chapter Members,

Happy Spring! As nature bursts into life with vibrant colors and fresh energy, we are inspired to infuse this same spirit into our chapter’s activities. This is a season of renewal, and we are excited to share several key opportunities for engagement and growth within our community. Events Calendar (

A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Volunteers Firstly, we extend our deepest gratitude to all our volunteers who have dedicated their time and skills throughout the past year. Your contributions are the backbone of our chapter’s success and vitality. Thank you for your relentless service and commitment.

Engage, Participate, and Influence We encourage each member to become more involved. Volunteering with NCPMI not only helps you give back but also offers extensive networking and personal growth opportunities. Attend our events, participate in workshops, and let your voices be heard. Your active engagement is essential in shaping our chapter’s future.

Upcoming Annual Conference Mark your calendars for August 26, 2024! Our Annual Conference is on the horizon, promising an array of insightful speakers, valuable learning sessions, and great networking opportunities. Stay tuned for more details on how you can participate in this flagship event.

2025 Board Elections Looking ahead, we are excited to announce the upcoming elections for the NCPMI 2025 Board. This is your chance to help steer our chapter’s direction by either running for a position or voting in the elections. Detailed information regarding nomination and election dates will be communicated shortly.

We are excited to see new and familiar faces stepping forward to lead, suggesting improvements, and participating in events. Let's continue to strengthen our community and make this year one of the most active and successful yet!

Thank you for being an integral part of the NCPMI family. We look forward to your continued involvement and enthusiasm as we embrace the opportunities this spring brings.

Warmest regards,

Manosh Majumdar, PMP

NCPMI - Past President                              

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Be a Hero!

Membership Discounts!


SoftEd is offering chapter members 50% off training courses!

Contact David Mantica, to get the discount. (Does not include Certified Scrum Master classes)


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Grow Your Skills

It is particularly important for Project Managers to maintain and improve their project management knowledge and skills to stay competitive in the market. PMP certification is a critical component. As, during the resent years, project management discipline took a step toward more flexible and dynamic project management methodologies, in addition to the traditional waterfall approach, several new emerging methodologies became in high demand. Thus, training and credentialing in these methodologies became highly sough after among Project Management professionals. It is especially relevant in today's economic climate.

Membership Statistics

Total Members 4037
New Members This Year 398
PMP® Members 2661
CAPM® Members 136
PgMP® Members 12
PMI-SP® Members 7
PMI-RMP® Members 16
PMI-ACP® Members 154
PfMP® Members 5
PMI-PBA® Members 5
Members with no Certification 1264
Breakdown by type  
Individual Members 3900
Student Members 110
Other Members 27
PMP/CAPM/PgMP/PMI-SP/PMI-RMP/PMI-ACP/PfMP/PMI-PBA are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Stay Informed

Members in Spotlight

  • Jason Edwards
  • Lindsey Brookhart
  • Zachary St Pierre
  • Andrew Ferris
  • Christina Elliott
  • Kate Staib
  • Aurora Cracknell
  • David Beasley
  • Scott Hartley
  • Christopher Batchelor, PMP
  • Andrea Jackson
  • Sunil Chandrasekhar
  • Steve Warren, PMP
  • Susan Essumang
  • Theodore Rubin
  • James Melvin
  • Arif Morshed Azad, PMP
  • Aida De La Fuente, CAPM
  • Otha Holmes
  • Rita Mix-McMillan
  • Jeromy Rouse
  • Christine House
  • Virginia Hargrove
  • Sweta Chatterjee, PMP
  • Toni Henley, PMP
  • Tiffany Hand
  • Dwayne Russell, PMP
  • Laura Brown, PMP
  • Kevin Misana, PMP
  • Leea Bowean
  • Ronan Stack
  • Anna Scholten
  • Desmond Gatling
  • James McGuire
  • Justin Hawver, CAPM
  • Justin Edwards, CAPM
  • Adam Pilarz
  • Jewel Beamon
  • Crystal Richards, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Kathryn M Williford
  • Lasse Hoel
  • Christin Cummings
  • Abigail Poff
  • Drew Johnson
  • Tami Conley
  • Leslie Mouchet
  • Susan Barnes
  • Russell Paugh
  • Charlie Woodford
  • Godwin Armah Afful
  • Benjamin Bauer
  • Adam Brewer, CAPM
  • Leif Heron, PMP
  • Wesley Pitman
  • Tyise Highsmith, PMP
  • Towsif Aziz, PMP
  • Corey Pomykacz-deSouza
  • Joshua Wright

  • Kimberly Myers, PMP
  • Michael Hagerty, PMP
  • Mina Banoub, PMP
  • Brian Garrett, PMP,CAPM
  • Lynell Mines, PMP
  • Towsif Aziz, PMP
  • Michael Poulios, PMP
  • Melissa Adams, PMP
  • Tyrone Burnette, PMP
  • Jennifer Munt, PMP
  • Samuel Fountain, PMP,CAPM
  • Christian Fell, PMP,CAPM
  • Lee Smith, PMP

  • Mark Miller, PMP
  • George Bradley, PMP
  • Florence Marimo, PMP
  • Jane Davison, PMP
  • Charles Halloran, PMP
  • Julie Ploscyca, PMP
  • Joseph Confroy, PMP
  • Elizabeth Burton, PMP
  • Sonya Pearson, PMP

  • Inga Davis
  • Christine Cunningham, PMP
  • Ronald Reader
  • LaShawnda Rodgers, PMP
  • Koushik Barman, PMP
  • Brianne Kohl, PMP
  • Kerry Mead, PMP
  • Adam Eaton
  • Alisa DeJoseph
  • Glynn Newby
  • Ninell Mortensen, PMP
  • Carrie Jackman-Hoyle, PMP
  • Rebecca Connor
  • Roshni Pattath
  • James Gatabaki
  • Melissa Antunez, PMP
  • Melissa Myers
  • Chester Stagnaro, PMP
  • Joanna A Allsbrook, PMP
  • Ashley Brinson
  • Melissa Payne
  • Amy Hundley
  • Tracy Devault, PMP
  • Kristin Reid
  • Nicholas Pittman
  • Valeria Quay
  • Bilguissa Diallo Mulder
  • Christie Jewett, PMP
  • Lee Novy, PMP
  • Thomas White, PMP
  • Kimberly Smith, PMP
  • Marc Piescienski, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Nisha Vaidya
  • Gabrielle Kathleen Dunkerton, PMP
  • Jason Clarke
  • Robert Marten, PMP
  • Kent A Thompson
  • Michael Merzke, PMI_ACP
  • Antwan Floyd, PMP
  • Darius Brooks, PMP
  • Megan Pawelczyk
  • demaris sawyer
  • Crystal Gordon, PMP
  • Tiffany Tait, PMP
  • Benjamin Carper, PMP
  • Charlie Daniels
  • Elizabeth Schrader
  • Ian Frady
  • Melissa Roberson, PMP
  • Francis McGuinness, PMP
  • Rae Kasaba
  • Mark Haynesworth
  • Sangeeta Desai
  • Erin ORear
  • Terry Hackney, PMP
  • Donald Cox, PMP
  • Jacquelyn LaCoste, PMP
  • Veronica Feliciano
  • Kristie Hamby, PMP,CAPM
  • Jamie Pursley, PMP
  • Jon Gaillard
  • Fred Eaker
  • Michelle Cooper, PMP
  • Matt Henry
  • Erik Graef, PMP
  • Jennifer Haire, PMP
  • Michael Hager, PMP
  • Jeremy Waldman, PMP
  • Morris Harris, PMP
  • Adrienne Jeannette Green
  • Kate Frohman, PMP
  • Ebony Baylis, PMP
  • David Adamitis, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Sarah Mercy Muriithi, PMP
  • Beth Lasater, PMP
  • Laura Finan, PMP
  • Zora Mravkova, PMP
  • James Florie, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Rodrick Gooch, PMP
  • Adrienne Horrigan, PMP
  • Ted Ising, PMP
  • Dawn McIntyre, PMP
  • Santosh Balan Karthedath, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Kristen Kamm
  • Jeff Walker, PMP
  • Reinaldo Liem, PMP
  • Jaydeep Patel, PMP
  • Amber Iciano, PMP
  • Fletcher Garner, PMP
  • Michael Barber, PMP
  • Darryl Maine
  • LoLynda Little, PMP
  • Venkata Kollipara
  • Peter Kim, PMP
  • Michael Laches
  • Emily Miller, PMP
  • Jacob Shaputis, PMP
  • David Kaherl, PMP
  • Michael Graulich
  • Maria Derivan-George, PMP
  • Matthew Henderson, PMP
  • Nickolas Kranz
  • Kandice Buterbaugh
  • Sheena Horton, PMP
  • Michael Quinn, PMP
  • Tejumade Ajasa, PMP
  • Cleon Cumberbatch, PMP
  • Susan Burke, PMP
  • James Donaghy, PMP
  • Daniel McLaughlin, PMP
  • Alan Klimek, PMP
  • Susanne Spry, PMP
  • Naseer Baig, PMP
  • Brian Vermeulen, PMP
  • Michael French, PMP
  • Shawn Guy, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Michael Fargis, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Aida Davis, PMP
  • Josh Sperati, PMP
  • Amy Dydynski, PMP
  • olga nam, PMP
  • Andrew Johnson, PMP
  • Lindsey Davis, PMP
  • Zachary Oldham, PMP
  • Prisca Manokore, PMP
  • Joseph Drake, PMP
  • Natalie Roskam, PMP
  • Kristi Viles, PMP
  • Kevin Morris, PMP
  • Cheron Gilchrist, PMP
  • Mark Fogleman, PMP
  • Jayant Moghe, PMP
  • Ann Henebury
  • Jerry Alsay, PMP,PMI_RMP,PMI_ACP
  • Regina Ali, PMP
  • Frank Green, PMP
  • Michelle Curry, PMP
  • James B Blankenship, PMP
  • Charles Sowders
  • Michele Storr
  • Marshall Mitchell, PMP
  • Julia Vail, PMP
  • Adam Reece, PMP
  • Stacey Daniels, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Leonard Parrinello, PMP
  • Richard Rose, PMP
  • Marcos Santana
  • Greg White
  • Cheryl Oberg, PMP
  • Rebecca Heath, PMP
  • Prentice Williams
  • Julio Alvarez
  • Felice Mitchell, PMP
  • Grant Herr, PMP
  • Meghan Dolezel, PMP
  • Brittany Robinson-Turner, PMP
  • Jacob Frimpong, PMP
  • Anish Borkar, PMP
  • Patty Dennis, PMP
  • James B. Wyman
  • Ray Mickiewicz, PMP
  • Jan-Olov Andersson, PMP
  • Andres Arteta, PMP
  • Michael Fullam, PMP
  • Dana Thaxton, PMP
  • Kenneth Cobb, PMP
  • Deborah Finken, PMP
  • Tatyana Blankenship, PMP
  • Rajesh Arumugam, PMP
  • Donovan Henry, PMP
  • Michael Johnson, PMP
  • Amy Shoop, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Candace Neely, PMP
  • Ketan Deodhar, PMP
  • Brady Terrents, PMP
  • Marlon Torres, PMP
  • Fernando Guevarra, PMP
  • David Blough, PMP
  • Stephanie Wilson, PMP
  • Sandra Chlebowski, PMP
  • Iyad Hindi, PMP
  • Susan Gonzalez, PMP
  • Robert Norman, PMP
  • Florence Marimo, PMP
  • Jane Davison, PMP
  • Julie Ploscyca, PMP
  • Joseph Confroy, PMP
  • Elizabeth Burton, PMP
  • Tina Pendergraph, PMP
  • David Webb, PMP
  • Michael Steele, PMP
  • David Patton, PMP
  • Richard Mueller, PMP,CAPM
  • Simmie Kastner, PMP
  • Cheryl Howard, PMP
  • Jonathan Taylor, PMP
  • Lee Ann Storm, PMP
  • Yvette Newkirk, PMP
  • Chester Pajerski, PMP
  • Cynthia Pickens
  • Howard Collins, PMP
  • Dina Requena, PMP
  • Belinda Jennette, PMP
  • Karen McCann, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Genevieve Fitzgerald, PMP
  • Linda Lowe, PMP
  • Michael Sarni, PMP
  • Suma Aggarwal, PMP
  • Heward Manley, PMP
  • Bill Scanlon, PMP
  • Cynthia McCabe Hutchins, PMP
  • Anthony Lemp, PMP
  • Abe Carattini
  • Bobby Alton Neal, PMP
  • Bradford Spinney
  • Billy Joe Byrd, PMP
  • Timothy Mongan, PMP
  • Vincent Wu
  • Darryl Duncan, PMP
  • Jeffery Scott, PMP
  • Jolie Mayes, PMP

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Project Management Institute, with members in 135 countries, is the world's foremost authority for the project management profession. PMI sets industry standards, conducts research, and provides education and certification opportunities designed to strengthen and further establish the profession. Our chapter proudly serves all the local and national professionals in the space of Project Management. We currently have thousands of members - over half of whom hold PMI’s esteemed PMP certification - and represent nearly 400 unique companies across the globe.

Get Involved

Find a Volunteer Opportunity

Make your mark on our PMI Chapter and the profession. As a member, you can volunteer to work on and to lead activities that advance the profession and support the chapter business operations by joining our chapter volunteer community. All volunteer openings are managed by the PMI Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS). This system includes the ability to search for opportunities, view details about each role and apply online.

Earn PDUs by Volunteering

Volunteering Project Management Professional PDUs can be earned as part of Category E: Volunteer Service. Category E, along with Category D (Creating New Project Knowledge) and Category F (Working as a Professional in Project Management), comprise the Giving Back To The Profession Categories. You can earn PDUs in Category E (Volunteer Service) by providing volunteer, non-compensated project management, and many others.

Speakers for our Chapter's Events

Our PMI Chapter welcomes proposals from passionate speakers interested in sharing their experiences, knowledge and expertise on such topics as general business and strategy, leadership, project management, and technical or industry-specific specialties. Our Professional Development events provide professional development units (PDUs) of educational information necessary for those attendees maintaining certification designations. Speakers are also eligible to claim PDUs for their creation and delivery of the presentation material.

Our Partners and Sponsors