Our Mission

Our mission is to offer meaningful opportunities to engage and develop the next generation of project managers through outreach and enrichment.

Our group is governed by three pillars:

Outreach – Share our stories with those who are new to the project management profession.

Enrichment – Helping members become better project managers

Engagement – Building the project management community and increasing member involvement.

Current Offerings and Services

Our group is still growing yet we have been successfully able to offer the following to our chapter:

  • Social events that provide exposure to project management in various industries as well as opportunities to engage with the local business community by participating in onsite tours and presentations.
  • Informative articles via LinkedIn posts to provide access to additional resources, personal testimonies and education related to project management.
  • Skills assessment to test if project management is a good career fit.
  • Opportunities to practice skills like public speaking, planning, teambuilding, negotiating and more.
  • College outreach and engagement by providing information and awareness to our members.

For additional information regarding NCPMI NextGen Group, please send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..