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Communications and Public Speaking CoP: Discover and enjoy the art of Investing, Get your Financial Mojo on!

05-24-2022 5:45 pm -8:00 pm
Virtual Meeting


With a plethora of choices, seemingly unlimited, and lots of uncertainty almost all the time, financial investing for our future, and present needs can often seem daunting and we often wait for the perfect time to do it or postpone things until later. This is not helped by the abundance of players in this industry, all with own sales pitches, with objectives that may or not be aligned with yours. Wouldn’t it be nice to clear some of that smoke, and get well grounded, and enhance your planning for the future and get a handle on your investments and portfolios? Whether you are looking to get started on some of the basics, reinforce your knowledge, or gain additional insights, come on in and spend some time with me.


Agile CoP: How do Project Managers fit into Agile?

05-25-2022 6:00 pm -7:00 pm
Virtual Meeting
Agile CoP: How do Project Managers fit into Agile?

There's room for everyone at the table -- How the role of project management fits into an Agile Culture


Lend the hungry a helping hand!

06-04-2022 9:00 am -12:00 pm
FREE for all NCPMI members and non members
Event Description: 

NCPMI is working with the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina to lend a helping hand! Come volunteer, enjoy networking with fellow NCPMI members, earn PDUs, and enjoy an NCPMI sponsored lunch afterwards!

Please visit their website to review COVID restrictions and precautions at Please note that CENC requires volunteers to not have traveled outside the state in the past 14 days (before the event). Masks and closed-toe shoes are required as well.




Leadership CoP - Are You the Leader you Think you Are? Dealing with your inner Control Freak, Master Manipulator and Saboteur

06-06-2022 6:00 pm -7:00 pm


Please note the change in day/time from our usual schedule. This meeting will take place on MONDAY June 6th. This is a one time schedule change - our usual day is the 2nd Thursday in the month.

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Great servant leaders are courageous, respectful, empathetic, inclusive, supportive and authentic. That’s easier said than done, particularly in times of stress, change, or unpredictability. Throw a pandemic in the mix and we have the recipe for disaster. We often are disconnected from our “dark side” – our inner control freak, manipulator, egomaniac, bully or saboteur. This presentation focuses on improving our self-awareness and using tools to ensure that our dark side doesn’t become our leadership style.

Fortunately, there are many proactive, preventative measures that you can take to manage damaging dark side behaviors and constantly reinforce the need to lead with respect. With tools and an action plan, you can create an effective strategy to improve your leadership and manage your dark side, even in the most challenging times.


  • Self-assessing our emotional state regularly
  • Proactively engaging to confront our dark side tendencies
  • Seeking support to help address our bad behavior early and easily
  • Tackling tough behavioral challenges

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