Keynote Speaker Bio

Dr. Endya Perry is the VP of Operations at Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC. She has earned her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from NC State University, her MBA with a concentration in Business Law from Campbell University, and her doctorate specializing in Organizational Leadership from Northcentral University. Her background is rich in finance, business operations, strategy development, digital tools, and leadership. She is a proven leader, author, keynote speaker and transformational life coach. She has a strong passion for inspiring and transforming people and teams. Her personal mission each day is that every person within her vision and reach recognizes and embraces the fact that they have purpose, value, and power. 

Keynote Title: Project Management for Life

Focus: Ways of Working

Description: It’s time to open your gift. The development of project management skills is the gift that keeps on giving. As we strive to continuously improve our ways of working in the workplace, we have the opportunity to leverage our continuously improving mindset, skillsets, and toolsets to improve our personal lives as well. Join this session to learn how to amplify your leadership impact and influence beyond the workplace.

Learning Objectives: In this session we will:

● Re-ignite and Re-engage our passion for continuous improvement by recognizing the power that comes from applying the continuous improvement methodology to our lives

● Highlight specific ways of working skills such as Agile, Design Thinking, Transformation, Scope Management, and more

● Gain an understanding of how to apply these skills to life as well as within the workplace


Breakout Session Title: Powerful Skills for Powerful Outcomes

Focus: Power Skills

Description: Skills are great to obtain, but the power of the skill is unlocked once we put them into practice. Together we will explore ways of leveraging power skills to unlock and unleash the powerful outcomes we can achieve. Are you ready to unleash the power?

Learning Objectives: In this session we will:

● Re-ignite and Re-engage our focus on power skill development by drawing the connection between power skills and powerful outcomes

● Fully understand and embrace the responsibility and opportunity we have within the leadership of projects and teams

● Drive awareness of the benefit of power skills

● Unveil the process and connection between developing the skill, leveraging the skill