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President's message - Mar 2023


 Simone Hamlett


Hello, NCPMI Family!

I am one of the newest members to the NCPMI Board of Directors and I am humbled to serve NCPMI’s diverse population of Project Leaders who daily add value to business functions and communities.

One of my responsibilities is to ensure an engaging and relevant Chapter Meeting and Careers Workshop experience for you; members, speakers, and guests.

We don’t take the time that you spend with NCPMI for granted. The time that you invest with us is precious and we want to make it count for you.

My team and I are completing the remaining program events, filling the calendar with topics that you requested. My ask is that you help us, help you. Each month after the Chapter Meeting you are given an opportunity to provide feedback. Don’t be shy about completing the general comments field with your ideas and solutions on how to make NCPMI programing the best it can be for you.

An area that is a hot topic is Hybrid Meetings. We are currently investigating event management solutions that allow us to provide a quality in-person and virtual attendee experience. I am confident that we will have a solution before the end of the year. Thank you for your patience.

Here are a few upcoming events for you:

March’s Chapter Meeting (Virtual), with speaker Dr. Kaali Dass

April’s Chapter Meeting (In-Person Only), with speaker Lt. Colonel Mike Erwin **Note a portion of your registration fees will be donated to his non-profit Team RWB.

Brand & Land Workshop – May 6 (registration not yet open), This is a one-day 5hr. weekend event that teaches Project Leaders how to improve personal marketability.

Finally, March 8th is International Women’s Day, and the theme is #EmbraceEquity. I encourage everyone who reads this post to support equity within your circles of influence, as well as challenge gender stereotypes, understand bias, and speak out against discrimination. Let’s #EmbraceEquity – together!


VP Programs,

Simone Hamlett.

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For additional information on how to connect with our membership, please contact the VP, Membership.

Be a Hero!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events

Note:  You must be logged in to get the member or volunteer discount.  Please use the Member login at the top right of this site.

All visitors are shown the full price.  Discounts, when applicable, are taken at the time of checkout.  If you feel that the fee shown is not correct, please do not check out as processing refunds is costly.  Contact us at with your concern and we will look into it for you. - Thank you.


Sep Virtual Member Orientation Session

09-11-2023 5:30 pm -6:00 pm

September Virtual Member Orientation Session

NCPMI Member Orientation sessions are being offered in a virtual setting. Join us to find out about the benefits of being a Chapter member. The session will introduce you to the various program offerings and you can see how to best use your membership. Member orientation sessions are for:

  • all chapter members who are interested in learning more about the opportunities and benefits the chapter provides
  • new and existing members who want to find out how to get more involved.

Certification: PMP-ACP Sep 2023 Exam Prep Class

09-22-2023 8:30 am - 09-24-2023 4:30 pm

Non-Members $700, Members $600

Remember to log-in to receive your discount at checkout

Are you interested in attaining the PMI-ACP certification?

PMI-ACP® is a project management professional certification for Agile practitioners offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is developed to cater to the needs of professionals working with Agile methodologies. The certification tests the Agile practitioner’s general knowledge of Agile methods without limiting to a specific Agile framework. 

This PMI-ACP exam prep course is intended for anyone who wants to learn the principles and practices of agile. Whether working on an agile team or knowing an organization is adopting agile methods, the PMI-ACP is a good choice for you. Professionals who want to get knowledge of agile methodologies, principles, techniques, and tools and those already working in Agile environments but looking for more growth opportunities can take up the PMI-ACP certification course.

This course is taught over three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). This course will provide the 21 education credits needed for the PMI-ACP application. This class is guaranteed to run regardless of the number of registrations. This Virtual-Hybrid class will offer the student a choice between Virtual Attendance taught on a Zoom platform and In-person Classroom Training.  In-person classes will be held at Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc, 4301 Emperor Blvd Durham, NC 27703

CLASS DATES: Friday-Sunday, September 22, 23, & 24, 2023

CLASS TIMES: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM. Lunch Times: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


Certification: Oct 2023 PMP Exam Prep Class

10-07-2023 8:30 am -4:30 pm

Non-Members $1000, Members $900 

Remember to log-in to receive your discount at checkout

This course is taught over five Saturdays. This course will provide the 35 education credits needed for your PMP application. This class is guaranteed to run regardless of the number of registrations. This will be a This will be a Virtual-Hybrid class offering the student a choice between Virtual Attendance taught on a Zoom platform and In-person Classroom Training.  In person classes will be held at Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc, 4301 Emperor Blvd Durham, NC 27703

CLASS DATESSaturday  October 7, 14, 21, 28 & Nov 4 2023

CLASS TIMES: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM. Lunch Times: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Grow Your Skills

It is particularly important for Project Managers to maintain and improve their project management knowledge and skills to stay competitive in the market. PMP certification is a critical component. As, during the resent years, project management discipline took a step toward more flexible and dynamic project management methodologies, in addition to the traditional waterfall approach, several new emerging methodologies became in high demand. Thus, training and credentialing in these methodologies became highly sough after among Project Management professionals. It is especially relevant in today's economic climate.

Membership Statistics

Total Members 3668
New Members This Year 209
PMP® Members 2552
CAPM® Members 104
PgMP® Members 12
PMI-SP® Members 6
PMI-RMP® Members 13
PMI-ACP® Members 146
PfMP® Members 3
PMI-PBA® Members 7
Members with no Certification 1017
Breakdown by type  
Individual Members 3581
Student Members 57
Other Members 30
PMP/CAPM/PgMP/PMI-SP/PMI-RMP/PMI-ACP/PfMP/PMI-PBA are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Stay Informed

Members in Spotlight

  • Christopher Lawson
  • LaShundra Rucker, PMP
  • Tracy Pilson
  • Praveen Chandrabhanu, PMP
  • Joseph Monaghan, PMP
  • Katherine Chapman
  • William Mohr
  • Ioana Ungureanu
  • Tolu Adeniji, PMP
  • Sonya Littlejohn
  • Amber Jordan
  • Travis Escourse
  • Nathan Kitts
  • Tiffany Moody
  • samantha casterlin, CAPM
  • Calvin Galberth
  • Patrick Dennis
  • Swarna Gorrepati
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Zack Bullock
  • Mohammed Khan, PMP
  • Kierra Wright, PMP
  • Tom Scearce
  • Daniel Torres, PMP
  • Amy Cole, PMP
  • Peter Broglie
  • Larry Downey, PMP
  • Denise Southerland
  • Kate Beadle, PMP
  • Phillip Hill
  • Briana Arnold
  • Karl Pfeifer, PMP
  • Erica Lourd
  • Anthony Valenzuela
  • Sivakumaran Sambasivam, PMP
  • Katherine Haynes
  • Crystal Schaub, PMP
  • Michael Millward
  • Lyndsey Reid
  • Charles McKenna, PMP
  • Jeremy Mercer
  • Allison Stersic
  • Mary Bristol Schneider
  • Ronald Robinson II, PMP
  • delorian wicker
  • Stephanie Gavilan-ONeal
  • Caroline Girardeau
  • Gerardo Rosales, PMP
  • Celia Webb
  • Curt Schroeders
  • Shangyu Yan, PMP
  • Courtney Tatum, PMP
  • Thomas White
  • John Soto, PMP
  • Monica Skibba, PMP,CAPM
  • Michael Geremina, CAPM
  • Imani Coleman, PMP
  • Alice Thurman
  • Frances Montalvo
  • Pamela Raper
  • Jennifer Ayres
  • Matthew Chilton
  • Kellie Jiggetts
  • Ioana-Alexandra Soare
  • Barbara Singh Williams
  • Noteka Lynn, PMP
  • Emily Taylor
  • Daniel Lipman
  • Ben Sallard
  • Mikisha Markham
  • Jake Dickens
  • Drew Prescott, PMP

  • Joe Fanjoy, PMP
  • Kierra Wright, PMP
  • Shangyu Yan, PMP
  • Mohammed Khan, PMP
  • Teresa Herring, PMP,CAPM
  • Ronald Robinson II, PMP
  • Justin Vandevender, PMP
  • Keri Padgett, PMP
  • Daniel Torres, PMP
  • Abdulsalam Shadid, PMP
  • Georgia Rowlands, PMP,CAPM
  • Courtney Tatum, PMP
  • Imani Coleman, PMP

  • Robert Shumate, PMP
  • Kevin Mayes
  • Derek Stenner, PMP
  • Carol Richardson, PMP
  • Asif Khan, PMP
  • Thomas McCown

  • Darrell Jones II, CAPM
  • Elizabeth Sharon Harper, PMP
  • Bryan Dalia
  • Selena Judon-Monk, PMP
  • Sean Kennedy, PMP
  • Ana Ciubancan, PMP
  • Dianna Dames, PMP
  • Joan Thomas
  • Philip Gumbs, PMP
  • Patara Williams
  • Darius Bryant, PMP
  • Min Ji Kim, CAPM
  • E. Megan Davidson Averill
  • Gregory Roush
  • John Ray, PMP
  • Karen Cleveland, PMP
  • Joseph Stewart, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Frank Losito, PMP
  • Emily Musselwhite, PMP
  • Sara Lopez
  • Rama Fazel, PMP
  • John Rash, CAPM
  • Torrey Epps
  • Lee Purser, PMP
  • Siovhan Johnson
  • Luis Esteves
  • Sreedhar Taduri, PMP
  • Lindsey Painter
  • Aaron Watkins
  • Michael King
  • Kathryn Puttkammer, PMP
  • Elizabeth Todd
  • Eric Benitou, PMP
  • Mike McCreary, CAPM
  • Ashley Galloway
  • Ewell Sturgis, PMP
  • Jacob Summey
  • patricia feralio, PMP
  • Crystal Hughes
  • Jaime Eduardo Camacho Oña
  • Patricia Hege, PMP
  • Luis Ruiz
  • Dustin Trask
  • Rachel Fine, PMP
  • Julie Lee
  • Darrin Vicsik
  • Charles Mendoza, PMP
  • Shatlyn Treadway
  • Nick Brooks, PMP
  • Cynthia Mozingo, PMP
  • Brandon Burton, CAPM
  • Amanda Felder, PMP
  • Leah Pollack, PMP
  • Elizabeth Fallon, CAPM
  • Kristina Wiggins, PMP
  • Andrea Dektas, PMP
  • Chastity Keyes, PMP
  • Brittany Zick, PMP
  • Jenna Bollman
  • Crystal Wright, PMP
  • Sriram Srinivasan, PMP
  • Nathanael Occenad, PMP
  • Craig Stremel, PMP
  • Jessica Nestor, PMP
  • Melissa Bonner, PMP
  • Mark Kennedy
  • Jessica Sligar, PMP
  • Jeff Hren, PMP
  • Walker White
  • Elizabeth Lewis
  • mario hernandez
  • Kenneth Epp
  • Erin Graham, PMP
  • Scott Stamey, PMP
  • Joshua Stegall, PMP
  • Firas Hraki
  • Anthony Villanova
  • Jon Ruth
  • Meredith Bessette, PMP
  • Adrienne Keller
  • Daniel Hooks, PMP
  • Jennifer Bowman
  • Patrick Gruhler
  • Carla Dougherty, PMP
  • Yasmeen Zamamiri, PMP
  • Jaclyn Theodore, PMP
  • Paloma Espinoza, PMP
  • Lisa Lombino
  • Lauren Hubert
  • Candyce Marsh
  • Brian Racine
  • Terry Sholar
  • Jeff Southerland, PMP
  • Brenden Becherer, PMP
  • Matthew Mericle, PMP
  • Robin Palmatier, PMP
  • Kim Zinke, PMP
  • Natalie Patten, PMP
  • Gina Kay Soutiere, PMP
  • Susan Stokes, PMP
  • Michael Pollard, PMP
  • Deborah Fair
  • Elizabeth Nicole Díaz Nelson
  • Willis Calhoun, PMP
  • Salvatore Migliaccio, PMP
  • Ralph Torgersen, PMP
  • Robin Starr, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Austin Barnard, CAPM
  • Jesse Schulman
  • Shaun Price, PMP
  • Robert Garbarino, PMP
  • John Ward, PMP
  • Michael Graulich
  • Niyati Doshi, PMP
  • Rebecca Hanson, PMP,CAPM
  • Nicole Klassen
  • Michael Teal, PMP
  • Robert Hunter
  • Ciji Richardson, PMP
  • John Rhoades
  • Roger Conrad, PMP
  • Florian Berghoff, PMP
  • Alyson Wilson, PMP
  • Lin Jing Morrison, PMP
  • Gretchen Zick Bagwell, PMP
  • Richie Savage, PMP
  • Jennifer Owenby, PMP
  • Anamika Laad
  • Sandra Edwards, PMP
  • Brandon Starr, PMP
  • Natalie Espinosa Hallman
  • Kayla Snyder, PMP
  • Bonita Mittman, PMP
  • Sonia Kennedy, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Nathaniel Zinnah, PMP
  • David Yaffe, PMP
  • Amber Ahles, PMP
  • Brooke Bennett, PMP
  • Jonathan Howells, PMP
  • Megan Vick, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Sorab Mattoo, PMP
  • Lillian Jones, PMP
  • Rachel Alley, PMP
  • Kimberly Gore, PMP
  • Gaurav Sharma, PMP
  • Nic Massie, PMP
  • George Hibbler, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Christine Horvath
  • Danny Bass, PMP
  • Tracy Gentry, PMP
  • Joseph Caiola, PMP
  • Shahab Shirzadi, PMP
  • Candace Mongiello, PMP
  • Chris Thompson, PMP
  • Lyda Smith, PMP
  • Mallesh Chandan, PMI-ACP
  • Tricia Hoyle, PMP
  • Dan Twomley, PMP
  • Linda Butler, PMP
  • Andrea Thorne, PMP
  • Robert McCauley
  • Barrett Milliken
  • Sara Marks, PMP
  • Matt Powell, PMP
  • Vidya Ranganathan, PMP
  • Mary Tyler, PMP
  • Triana Barrios Gutierrez, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Joshua de Souza, PMP
  • Jamie Danai, PMP
  • Susheela Chandrasekaran
  • Stephen Warren
  • David Rochette, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Staci Davis, PMP
  • Manisha Kode, PMP
  • Damien Perez, PMP
  • Larry Cooper, PMP
  • Heather Rayborn Tolles, PMP
  • Julie Cloninger, PMP
  • Stedman Hines, PMP
  • Sarah Gardiner, PMP
  • Wendy Bullard, PMP
  • William Abb
  • Roberta Weinberg, PMP
  • Roy Hewitt
  • Christopher Mickle, PMP
  • Leticia Brewington, PMP
  • Thomas Rascon, PMP
  • Antoinette Shibles, PMP
  • Lee Higley, PMP
  • Jennifer Lasater, PMP
  • Carlene Jackson, PMP
  • Elizabeth Movic, PMP
  • Tammy Thomas, PMP
  • Jon Riley, PMP
  • Paul Minor, PMP
  • Christian Rahl
  • April Stauber, PMP
  • Heather Johnson, PMP
  • Renuka Sirigiri, PMP
  • Kevin Campbell, PMP
  • Trellis Frierson
  • Ruby Wells, PMP
  • Brittany Robinson-Turner, PMP,CAPM
  • Luisa Reynolds, PMP
  • Jerry Holla, PMP
  • David Jackson
  • Patricia O'Grady, PMP
  • Jessica Johnson, PMP
  • Jamie Murphy, PMP
  • Rick Garvin, PMP
  • LaTonya Locklear, PMP
  • Fang Zhou, PMP
  • Edward Gundry, PMP
  • Oshiolene omoh, PMP
  • James Mathieu, PMP
  • Jen Grinder, PMP
  • Sandy Flores, PMP
  • Naga Udaya Kumar Pavuluri, PMP
  • Kelly Sanford, PMP
  • Timothy Platt, PMP
  • Robert Neiberger, PMP
  • Hongmei Gao, PMP
  • Kelli Greene, PMP
  • Ahsen Salim, PMP
  • Steven Solloway, PMP
  • Robert Vittek, PMP
  • Michael Parrish, PMP
  • Nick DeBarmore, PMP
  • Vibhuti Shah, PMP
  • Larry Tise, PMP
  • Richard Acker
  • Justin Crane, PMP
  • Donald Alderman, PMP
  • Olivia Bostian, PMP
  • Paul Morrissette, PMP
  • Catharine Staley, PMP
  • Dennis Hartzog, PMP
  • Madhu Sethi, PMP
  • Todd Beaufort, PMP
  • Mary Mulleady, PMP
  • Regina Williams, PMP
  • Bobby Huffstetler, PMP
  • David Elam, PMP
  • James Drager, PMP
  • Rhonda Robinson, PMP
  • Tonya Prince, PMP
  • Kimberly Gee, PMP
  • Charisse Green, PMP
  • Sophia Cameron, PMP
  • Richard Warren, PMP,PMI_RMP,PMI-ACP
  • Robert Shumate, PMP
  • Kevin Mayes
  • Derek Stenner, PMP
  • Asif Khan, PMP
  • Gardenia Coates, PMP
  • Bhanu Tanty, PMP
  • Kimberly Lord
  • Laura Bradford, PMP
  • Michael Leynor, PMP
  • Karen Toger, PMP
  • Tracy Newbold, PMP
  • Katherine McDowell, PMP
  • Jose Solera, PMP
  • Charles Hillson, PMP
  • ARVIND Wathore, PMP
  • Brian Lipe, PMP,PgMP
  • Jay Rao
  • Chester Pajerski, PMP
  • Narendra Shrivastava, PMP,PMI_RMP,PMI-ACP
  • Jason Wells, PMP
  • Dwight Morgan, PMP
  • Crystal Henderson, PMP
  • Hector Javier, PMP
  • Wesley Cole, PMP
  • Mary Jakub, PMP
  • Rebecca Larkin-Martinez, PMP
  • Susan Mitchell, PMP
  • Gina Couch, PMP
  • Marshall Kearney, PMP
  • Stan Varnas, PMP,PMI-ACP
  • Luke Allen Andersen, PMP,PgMP
  • Wendy Dyer, PMP
  • Ramakrishna Baratam, PMP
  • William Flanagan, PMP,PMI_RMP

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Project Management Institute, with members in 135 countries, is the world's foremost authority for the project management profession. PMI sets industry standards, conducts research, and provides education and certification opportunities designed to strengthen and further establish the profession. Our chapter proudly serves all the local and national professionals in the space of Project Management. We currently have thousands of members - over half of whom hold PMI’s esteemed PMP certification - and represent nearly 400 unique companies across the globe.

Get Involved

Find a Volunteer Opportunity

Make your mark on our PMI Chapter and the profession. As a member, you can volunteer to work on and to lead activities that advance the profession and support the chapter business operations by joining our chapter volunteer community. All volunteer openings are managed by the PMI Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS). This system includes the ability to search for opportunities, view details about each role and apply online.

Earn PDUs by Volunteering

Volunteering Project Management Professional PDUs can be earned as part of Category E: Volunteer Service. Category E, along with Category D (Creating New Project Knowledge) and Category F (Working as a Professional in Project Management), comprise the Giving Back To The Profession Categories. You can earn PDUs in Category E (Volunteer Service) by providing volunteer, non-compensated project management, and many others.

Speakers for our Chapter's Events

Our PMI Chapter welcomes proposals from passionate speakers interested in sharing their experiences, knowledge and expertise on such topics as general business and strategy, leadership, project management, and technical or industry-specific specialties. Our Professional Development events provide professional development units (PDUs) of educational information necessary for those attendees maintaining certification designations. Speakers are also eligible to claim PDUs for their creation and delivery of the presentation material.

Our Partners