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Board Message - April 2024

Re-Ignite and Re-Engage for a Sustainable Future

Dear NCPMI Community,

As we embrace the arrival of April, a month that signifies renewal and growth, it's essential to reflect on our collective journey and the transformative role each of us plays in shaping the future. At NCPMI, we recognize the importance of continuously re-igniting and re-engaging our membership, propelling us forward toward a brighter tomorrow.

In our ever-evolving landscape, adaptation is key. That's why NCPMI is committed to embracing the Project Management Institute (PMI) triangle Ways of Working, focusing on Power Skills, and honing in on Business Acumen. These pillars serve as our guiding principles, enabling us to navigate the complexities of modern project management effectively. In today's dynamic world, characterized by rapid technological advancements and evolving industry landscapes, it has become imperative for professionals to continuously adapt and upskill. At NCPMI, we recognize this need and are committed to providing our members with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in this ever-changing environment.

In line with the spirit of April, a month dedicated to Earth Day and environmental sustainability, we are also proud to announce our renewed focus on sustainability initiatives. NCPMI is proud to introduce our latest social good initiative: Green Tides: Sustaining Sundarbans. This project aims to preserve the unique ecosystem of the Sundarbans, a vital mangrove forest in India. The Sundarbans, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, not only boasts unparalleled biodiversity but also sustains the livelihoods of countless communities.

The Green Tides project promotes sustainable practices like reforestation, conservation education, and eco-friendly tourism, protecting a vital natural resource and ensuring a better future. Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goal #15, it addresses social and economic objectives by safeguarding coastal areas, creating livelihood opportunities through crab and prawn farming, and empowering local youth to lead change. Collaborating with PMIWBC and Ma Saroda NGO, the project fosters youth development, and community-driven initiatives.

Additionally, we're excited to introduce student clubs aimed at engaging the future of project management leaders. Our NextGen group is planning fun meet-up events, creating a vibrant ecosystem where learning and networking thrive. Through book clubs, mentoring sessions, and leadership events, we aim to enhance skillset, nurture talent and build a community of future-ready professionals.

Furthermore, as part of our commitment to continuous learning and professional development, we are excited to bring a series of events aimed at enhancing our members' career prospects. Our Brand and Land sessions provide valuable insights into personal branding and networking strategies, while our career workshops leverage the power of AI to help optimize resumes and online profiles, ensuring that our members stand out in today's competitive job market.

In closing, I want to express my sincere gratitude to every one of you for your unwavering support and dedication to NCPMI. As we embark on this journey of re-ignition and re-engagement, let us remember the profound impact we can make when we come together with purpose and passion. Together, we are not just adapting to change – we are embracing it, leveraging it as an opportunity for growth and innovation.

Warm regards,
Dr. Gunjan H. Arya, M.Sc., PMP®
VP Membership, NCPMI

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Grow Your Skills

It is particularly important for Project Managers to maintain and improve their project management knowledge and skills to stay competitive in the market. PMP certification is a critical component. As, during the resent years, project management discipline took a step toward more flexible and dynamic project management methodologies, in addition to the traditional waterfall approach, several new emerging methodologies became in high demand. Thus, training and credentialing in these methodologies became highly sough after among Project Management professionals. It is especially relevant in today's economic climate.

Membership Statistics

Total Members 3988
New Members This Year 293
PMP® Members 2636
CAPM® Members 131
PgMP® Members 12
PMI-SP® Members 7
PMI-RMP® Members 15
PMI-ACP® Members 155
PfMP® Members 5
PMI-PBA® Members 5
Members with no Certification 1241
Breakdown by type  
Individual Members 3861
Student Members 102
Other Members 25
PMP/CAPM/PgMP/PMI-SP/PMI-RMP/PMI-ACP/PfMP/PMI-PBA are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Stay Informed

Members in Spotlight

  • Michael Davis
  • Sarita Smith
  • DeAna Foster
  • Talya Roberts
  • Christian Fell, CAPM
  • Journey Becker
  • Guy Roberts
  • Greg Putman
  • Megan Kreuser
  • Trevor Reynolds
  • Elizabeth Holman
  • Dennis Martinez
  • Edward Petkovich
  • Eric Guay, PMP
  • Robert Moody
  • Thomas Kelly, PMP
  • Robert Meyersohn
  • Phyllis Hunt
  • Paula Butler
  • James Fox
  • Magdalena Weiss-Williams
  • Yarinez Colon, PMP
  • Bhavana Tadiboina
  • emmanuel gonzalez
  • Brenton Marcom
  • Jayme Williams, PMP
  • Jeffrey Gregory
  • Ryan Manary
  • Dan Killian
  • Prashant Tapre, PMP
  • Robin Brandenburg, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Jeremy Michel
  • Ellen Boswell
  • Megha Ben
  • Thomas Francisco, PMP
  • Jessie Dorrell
  • Corrie Bondar

  • Dominique Boone, PMP
  • Tiffany Pitt, PMP
  • Alicia Lee, PMP
  • Durham Castellaw, PMP
  • Beau Mackie, PMP
  • Brandon Smith, PMP
  • David Letizia, PMP
  • Steven Pickel, PMP
  • Misty Roohi, PMP
  • Carl Glover, PMP
  • Joanna Ellis, PMP
  • Gregory Stryker, PMP
  • Salvador Guerra Aguirre, PMP
  • Levi Snowden, PMP,CAPM
  • Heatherlyn Mayer, PMP
  • Genevieve Rockett, PMP
  • Timothy Ranish, PMP

  • Jock Barnes, PMP
  • Jesse Jones, PMP
  • Janet Worthington, PMP
  • Chris Fillio, PMP
  • Juliene Allen, PMP
  • Melinda Kovach, PMP
  • Paul Hofnagel
  • James Daughtry, PMP
  • Kerstin Ohlander, PMP
  • Sarah Gadbois
  • Chad Wilson, PMP

  • Aloyse Brown, PMP
  • Toska Cooper
  • Sarah Shinn, PMP
  • Kristie Jenkins, PMP
  • Mitchell Smith, CAPM
  • William Lloyd
  • Lori Hyde
  • Ruth Urbina, PMP,CAPM
  • Naadiya Hopkins
  • Toni Baynes
  • Brian Stanley
  • Shawna Parker
  • Armando Contreras, PMP
  • Dana Gary
  • Sikoya Ashburn, PMP
  • Michelle Bliese, PMP
  • Allyson Vicars
  • Shannon Stallings
  • Natasha Avignone
  • Kendre Flynn, PMP
  • Tom Cutsinger, PMP
  • Barbara Stokes, PMP
  • Joseph Harris
  • Heather Parnell
  • Teresa Ventura, PMP
  • Christopher Kostoff, PMP
  • Latosha Thompson
  • James Schilling
  • Ryan Tolman, PMP
  • Signa Anders
  • Laura Tolsma, PMP
  • Kimberly Sass, CAPM
  • Peter Johnson, PMP
  • Alexandre Castro, PMP
  • Ed Taggart
  • Derek Mason, PMP,CAPM
  • Saikumar Dass, PMP
  • Bethany Hamman
  • Annaliese Peterson
  • Jordan Cocchiaro
  • Laura Bravo
  • David Comer, PMP
  • Brad Belfer
  • Patina Oxendine, CAPM
  • Amanda Short, CAPM
  • Margaret Salvemini, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Levi Snowden, PMP,CAPM
  • Charles Green, PMP
  • Danielle Guerra
  • Deanna Wertheimer, PMP
  • Jose Ferrera
  • Kelly Keefe, PMP
  • Angela Melton, PMP
  • Ryan Hunt, PMP
  • Nikolay Gekht, PMI_ACP
  • Raymond Damm, PMP
  • Julianne Lindgren, PMP
  • Kyle Snyder, PMP
  • Jason Lemons
  • John Hamner
  • Chitra Maridi, PMP
  • Rebecca Hartigan, PMP
  • James Constantine
  • Samantha Reardon
  • Timothy Howland
  • Stephanie Spaulding, PMP
  • Michael Shanklin, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Brian Anderson, PMP
  • Donna Lynn Hall, PMP
  • Eric James, PMP
  • Kaitlin Zoltowski, PMP
  • Lance Workman, PMP
  • Mark Sweeting
  • Zendre Simmons, PMP
  • Kossi Koumaple
  • Danielle Neamtu, PMP
  • James Cady, CAPM
  • Anand Natarajan, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Julie Hartmann, PMP
  • Brianne Kacerguis, PMI-PBA
  • Yu Fu, PMP
  • Bryan Carmody, PMP
  • Elizabeth Holt, PMP
  • Lou Fortunato, PMP
  • Mona Frazier, PMP
  • mark dufur, PMP
  • Jason Smith
  • Donna Newton, PMP
  • Jeremy Kamm, PMP
  • Ginger Keeter, PMI-SP
  • Matthew Dale, PMP
  • Melissa DeChant, PMI_ACP
  • Joe Garza, PMP
  • Maria Skelton
  • Kathy Hamrick
  • Joseph Pierce, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Candice Coletrane, PMP
  • Brooke Bennett, PMP
  • Dorothy Murray, PMP
  • Mey Beyah, PMP
  • Keith Martin, PMP
  • Charles Pritchard, PMP
  • Jean Gerisch, PMP
  • Donna T. Richardson, PMP
  • Raymond Smith, PMP
  • Kathy Vandroff
  • Anthony Baumann, PMP
  • James Newton, PMP
  • James Roach, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Tobi Waltz, PMP
  • Jason Joseph
  • Edward Donovan, PMP
  • Adam Johnston, PMP
  • David Thompson, PMP
  • Michael Newton, PMP
  • Gavin Ryan
  • Rodney Scurlock, PMP
  • Sherri Qualls, PMP
  • Suraj Kumar Shetty, PMP
  • Jay Leeds, PMP
  • Cristo Vanevic, PMP
  • Jeremy Davis, PMP
  • Jamie Danai, PMP
  • Simhadri Basava, PMP
  • Andrew Macintyre, PMP
  • Sarah Roberts, PMP
  • Nargis Sultana, PMP
  • Angela Weiland, PMP
  • Melissa Tanner, PMP
  • Victor Luft, PMP
  • David Jarrell-Bennett, PMP
  • Monique Ellis, PMP
  • Phoebe Thermitus, PMP
  • Leticia Chapman, PMP
  • John Allison, PMP
  • Iesha Mack, PMP
  • Jessie Morvan, PMP
  • Leslie Baynes, PMP
  • Kirkland Sanford, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Scott Guyett, PMP
  • Peidi Gu, PMP
  • Frank Mierzwa, PMP
  • Tom Raymond, PMP
  • Lisa Hampton
  • Stephen Starr
  • Regina McAuley, PMP
  • Allyson Banas, PMP
  • Alexis Weaver, PMP
  • Michael Hawley, PMP
  • Vijaya Nandiwada, PMP
  • Ann Koermer, PMP
  • Robert Baldwin
  • Melinda Morrison, PMP
  • Melissa Hall, PMP
  • Jennifer Beaufort, PMP
  • Eric Robb, PMP
  • Natasha Gboleeweefaa, PMP
  • Jami Grossfield, PMP
  • Joe Sevits
  • Jerri Bland, PMP
  • Janice Salchert
  • James Farnsworth, PMP
  • Yogi Muthuswamy, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Vincenzo Giuliano, PMP
  • Linda McNeil, PMP
  • Jon Edgar, PMP
  • Duane Legan, PMP
  • Paul Reimers, PMP
  • Helen Wong, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Lawrence Norton, PMP
  • Dawn Caster-Wong, PMP
  • James Floyd, PMP
  • Steven Solloway, PMP
  • April Obin
  • Tama Coleman, PMP
  • Gregory Berry
  • Stephanie Ziegler, PMP
  • Roubina Coleman, PMP
  • Jeff Agricola, PMP
  • April Reed, PMP
  • Richard Ong, PMP
  • Cornelius Best, PMP
  • Eric Parker, PMP
  • Christopher Lathrop, PMP
  • Michael Celeste, PMP
  • Margaret Stein, PMP
  • Genett Alston, PMP
  • Paul Morrissette, PMP
  • Sonya Pearson, PMP
  • Jock Barnes, PMP
  • Jesse Jones, PMP
  • Chris Fillio, PMP
  • Chad Wilson, PMP
  • Misty Roohi, PMP
  • Jennifer Coble
  • Charisse Green, PMP
  • Sylvia Devlin, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Greg Mueffelmann, PMP
  • Cara Abram, PMP
  • Shannon Lee
  • Carole Meyre
  • Harold Willis, PMP
  • Michael Petersen, PMP
  • Frank McCoy
  • Jennifer Shue, PMP
  • Roger Langdon, PMP
  • Sean Stack, PMP
  • Richard Jenny, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Christine Harney, PMP
  • Margaret Scott, PMP
  • Leigh Baudreau, PMP
  • Tim Salemy, PMP
  • April Barrow, PMP
  • Regina Evans, PMP
  • Lesley Young, PMP
  • Johanna ODell, PMP
  • Charlie Alston, PMP
  • Ramanareddy Posam, PMP
  • Carolyn Evans, PMP
  • Andrew Phillips, PMP
  • Jacqueline Cheeks, PMP
  • Brian Eugene Clark, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Debra Cameron
  • Robert Michaud, PMP
  • Victoria Kumar, PMP,PMI_ACP
  • Cheryl Begley, PMP

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Project Management Institute, with members in 135 countries, is the world's foremost authority for the project management profession. PMI sets industry standards, conducts research, and provides education and certification opportunities designed to strengthen and further establish the profession. Our chapter proudly serves all the local and national professionals in the space of Project Management. We currently have thousands of members - over half of whom hold PMI’s esteemed PMP certification - and represent nearly 400 unique companies across the globe.

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Make your mark on our PMI Chapter and the profession. As a member, you can volunteer to work on and to lead activities that advance the profession and support the chapter business operations by joining our chapter volunteer community. All volunteer openings are managed by the PMI Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS). This system includes the ability to search for opportunities, view details about each role and apply online.

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Volunteering Project Management Professional PDUs can be earned as part of Category E: Volunteer Service. Category E, along with Category D (Creating New Project Knowledge) and Category F (Working as a Professional in Project Management), comprise the Giving Back To The Profession Categories. You can earn PDUs in Category E (Volunteer Service) by providing volunteer, non-compensated project management, and many others.

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Our PMI Chapter welcomes proposals from passionate speakers interested in sharing their experiences, knowledge and expertise on such topics as general business and strategy, leadership, project management, and technical or industry-specific specialties. Our Professional Development events provide professional development units (PDUs) of educational information necessary for those attendees maintaining certification designations. Speakers are also eligible to claim PDUs for their creation and delivery of the presentation material.

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