Tom Crea is a leadership expert, decorated career Army Officer, and Blackhawk Helicopter pilot.  Because of his proven leadership skills, he was hand selected to run the ROTC leadership development program at two colleges, where he and his team transformed college students into Army Leaders. Tom served in high-level leadership positions in aviation, information technology, and higher education environments, including four years as an IT project manager and two years in IT program management. He is the author of “Unleash Your Values: How to Lead and Succeed in Business Today… A Helicopter Pilot’s Spin on Developing the Leader in You" 

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Learning Objectives:


Project driven professional will enjoy deeper relationships and experience far greater success as they learn:

·       Learn your communication style

·       Understand each of four communication styles and how they prefer to communicate

·       Learn 19 cues to discover any person’s style

·       Discover how to determine another’s preferred communication style

·       Use these insights to leverage and connect with any person’s style



Excellent interpersonal skills are the most powerful skills you can possess and building successful relationships requires more than a “meet them half-way” approach.  Banish this limited mindset, enjoy deeper relationships, and learn what it takes to inspire team members to deliver their best.

Miscommunication occurs when we overlook or ignore different styles. This program will show you how to recognize and respond to varying communication styles, especially critical within any collaborative environment. Not only will these modules help you professionally, but in your personal life, social gatherings, and everything in between.

Chapter members who take full advantage of this opportunity may earn up to four (4) Leadership PDUs that will be loaded in to your dashboard (if they have a PMP): 

  1. Take the DISC-Index Assessment and review your results (1 PDU) 

  1. Discover the Four Communication Styles (1 PDU) 

  1. Download DISC eBook and Tip Sheets 

  1. Review 20-minute "How to Understand DISC styles" video 

  1. Attend our Q&A webinar or watch the replay (1 PDU) 

  1. Practice Identifying Styles with Others 

To take full advantage of this interactive Q&A session, be sure to take your assessment and discover the 4 styles prior.   

NOTE: This session requires your consent to receive an email from the presenter with links to this content, which you will receive after registration closes. 


“68% recruiters rate communication skills among the most important”

•   Is it any surprise that the most influential leaders also happen to be the best communicators?
•   What if you knew how everyone on your team or even customers preferred to communicate?
•   What if you could connect with anyone? 


Excellent interpersonal skills are the most powerful skills you can possess. It starts with good listening.  When you decode the four communication styles, you can begin connecting like never before.

In this fun, engaging and interactive session, you’ll use my tip sheets to assess 19 different signals that answer two basic questions:

•   Introvert or extrovert?
•   People- or task-oriented?

You will learn to identify each of four communication styles, FAST— with insights you can begin applying that very day. You’ll enhance your ability to influence others—on the job, with customers, and even at home.