Chapter Meeting – April 2024: How Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat – Learning to be Curious Enough

Chapter Meeting – April 2024: How Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat – Learning to be Curious Enough

Chapter Meeting – April 2024: How Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat – Learning to be Curious Enough

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Abstract:  We are all born curious and for some of us that curiosity never goes away. For others, curiosity is discouraged and over time wanes. Research shows that people who experience curiosity are happier and enjoy higher levels of wellbeing than those whose curiosity is less. Curiosity helps us to look past the obvious, see possibilities and embrace an experimental mindset. We ask, “what happens when?” and “what can I learn” instead of being afraid of the unknown. Join this session to learn how curiosity makes us happier and how to cultivate a healthy level of curiosity that is aligned with your current context.

Participants will have access to a curiosity self-assessment as part of the preparation for the session. Individual results will not be shared. The results are for personal use only.

Case studies, small and large group work and learning by doing are core components of our sessions. The psychological safety of all participants is very important to us, and we endeavor to ensure that everyone can take part in the way they feel most comfortable. We do our best to account for different personality and learning styles. Please let us know if there is anything you want us to account for.

Listening objectives: Novelty; Resonance; Community; Provocation

  • Hear something new – novelty.
  • Link something you hear to who you already are – resonance.
  • Learn from the stories of others – community.
  • Listen to question – provocation.

Learning objectives: Define, Identify, Plan, Implement

  • Define curiosity.
  • Identify YOUR sources of curiosity.
  • Plan to be optimally curious..
  • Put it into action.

To get the most out of the session, take your FREE curiosity assessment before the event! Used with permission from Dr Todd Kashdan.

Kim Essendrup

Speaker:  Ruth Pearce

About the Speaker: 

Ruth Pearce is CEO of Pearce Insights and of ALLE LLC.

Ruth started her career as an Economist at a London Stockbroker but quickly discovered a knack for getting things done. She is the quintessential accidental project manager. After 25 years project managing in Financial Services, State Government, and non-profits, she burned out spectacularly in 2016. She realized it was time for a new direction and, having been a leader who coached and had leaders that coached throughout my career, She started exploring the world of coaching.

Today as a coach and speaker specializing in group work, she helps people to increase their influence and self-mastery and transforms their experiences through hope, strengths, bravery, and curiosity. Ruth's new book is all about these topics. Written for people who want to understand how coaching can help them, Be Hopeful; Be Strong; Be Brave; Be Curious published by Wiley books came out on February 6th, 2024.

Meeting Agenda

5:30 - 6:00 PM   Networking & Dinner Service

6:00 - 6:20 PM   NCPMI Announcements

6:20 - 7:30 PM   Featured Presentation: How Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat – Learning to be Curious Enough

7:30 - 8:00 PM   Q&A 

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