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Events calendar

Sunday. 12 September, 2021 - Saturday. 18 September, 2021
Monday. 13 September, 2021
5:30 pm

September Virtual Member Orientation Session


NCPMI Member orientation sessions are being offered in a virtual setting. Join us to find out about the benefits of being a Chapter member. The session will introduce you to the various program offerings and you can see how to best  use your membership. Member orientation sessions are for:

  • all chapter members who are interested in learning more about the opportunities and benefits the chapter provides
  • existing members who want to find out how to get more involved
Tuesday. 14 September, 2021
5:45 pm

Communications and Public Speaking CoP: "The Power of No - Why, How & When to Say No"

Virtual Meeting

“One key to successful relationships is learning to say NO without guilt, so that you can say YES without resentment.” -Bill Crawford

“Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying YES too quickly and not saying NO soon enough.” Josh Billings

Thursday. 16 September, 2021
5:45 pm

Chapter Meeting – September 2021: “Risk Management Simplified: The Process and Benefits”

Virtual Meeting – Conferencing details will be distributed prior to the meeting

Abstract: Risk management has become more important than ever.  Many organizations, however, have not yet realized the value of risk management.  This dynamic webinar addresses that need.

This webinar explains how the benefits of risk management will enhance your organization’s processes and productivity as you drive towards achieving business goals.  You will gain insight into how an understanding of risks and risk processes increases the probability of project success and how risk benefits enable organizations to take more risk.