Higher Education CoP - Keep Moving Forward: Character strengths for difficult times.

Higher Education CoP - Keep Moving Forward: Character strengths for difficult times.

Keep Moving Forward:  Character Strengths for Difficult Times.

Abstract:  Each of us has a unique combination of strengths.  Some of our most special attributes may remain hidden to us - because they seem so natural, we assume they are commonplace.  Yet how we show up is unique to us, and even though we have strengths in common with others around us, the way we express them is personal.

Join a session to discover your strengths, explore their light - and dark - sides, and to choose how and when to combine strengths to ramp up - or dial back - their impact.

Participants will have access to a FREE VIA Charter Strengths Assessment as part of the preparation for the session.  The assessment aids learning by personalizing the information.

Case studies, small and large group work and learning by doing are core components of our sessions.  The psychological safety of all participants is very important to us, and we endeavor to ensure that everyone can take part in the way they feel most comfortable.

Listening objectives:  Novelty; Resonance; Community; Provocation

  • Hear something new - novelty.
  • Link something you hear to who you already are - resonance.
  • Learn from the stories of others - community.
  • Listen to questions - provocation.

To get the most out of the session, please take your FREE VIA Character Strengths assessment with this link:  https?//BeHopefulBeStrong.pro.viasurvey.org/ 

What you will learn:

  • Define strengths and explain why they matter.
  • Effectively spot strengths in others.
  • Build a strengths strategy through strength constellations.
  • Implement a strengths strategy.


I am the CEO of Pearce Insights and of ALLE LLC. I started my career as an Economist at a London Stockbroker but quickly discovered a knack for getting things done. I was the quintessential accidental project manager. After 25 years project managing in Financial Services, State Government, and non-profits, I burned out spectacularly in 2016. I realized it was time for a new direction and, having been a leader who coached and had leaders that coached throughout my career, I started exploring the world of coaching.

Initially a 1:1 life and executive coach, I found my real passion when I started coaching groups and teams.

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