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Leadership CoP - Effective Leadership—What’s the Secret? (And it is not what you think!)

Leadership CoP - Effective Leadership—What’s the Secret? (And it is not what you think!)


Leadership. A mysterious element of management. 

Leadership has been written about for decades. Leadership is the topic of hundreds of workshops led by smart people like Harvard’s Shawn Achor. 

Thousands of consultants will gladly explain the characteristics of leadership and its many components.  I have sat through many of these presentations, had heated intellectual discussions, and even read more leadership articles and books than I care to admit. 

But, as far as I can remember, no one has ever talked about the one thing that you can’t overlook.  The one thing that when overlooked leads to failure.  If you have any hope of becoming an accomplished leader you need to crack the code. I will show you that the “secret ingredient” is not so secret. We just don’t take time to include it.  When I am finished it will no longer be a secret and I will have unlocked the mystery of successful leadership.


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I am one of the Founders of the PMP Credential and a PMI Fellow with over 44 years of service to the profession.  The bulk of my career has been in the project management field where I quickly learned the importance of becoming a proven leader.  I spent years polishing my leadership skills until I was named VP of Staff and Organizational Development for the world’s largest Contract Research Organization.  I left the corporate world in 1984 and one of my first engagements was to manage a three year, save the company project and deliver the project in 18 months.  This was the most challenging opportunity to demonstrate all of the “tricks of the trade” really worked.  They did. The project was delivered in 18 months and led to a $11 Billion acquisition.  This team of 200+ had made the impossible, possible.  Leadership prevailed.  


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